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 user 2008-11-03 at 10:37:11 am Views: 117
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    Sharp releases Frontier series
    Sharp To Begin Selling New
    Frontier Series Next Month ,First available units – MX-C311 31 PPM MFP
    and MX-C401 40 PPM MFP – deliver acclaimed Sharp performance in a
    stylish A4 footprint

    N.J., NOV 2008 — Sharp today announced that the first models in its
    new Frontier Series, the MX-C311 and the MX-C401, will begin shipping
    in November. The MX-C311 and MX-C401 are the first in the new line of
    A4 Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) and printer products that are
    designed to meet the needs of small and medium workgroups and bring the
    superior performance of Sharp technology closer to the end-user. Other
    models in the Frontier series will be launched throughout the fall and
    winter.”The new Sharp Frontier Series of A4 MFPs and printers will
    bring office document products to the center of activity in the office,
    and help IT managers more efficiently consolidate disparate printers,”
    said Ed McLaughlin, President, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of
    America. “The MX-C311, MX-C401, and the rest of the Frontier Series,
    are really beyond categorization, because they package Sharp’s unique
    document management and true multitasking strengths in an MFP that is
    easy to use and so much more attractive as the centerpiece of a
    data-intensive office. I expect the Frontier Series to eventually
    change the way we view MFPs entirely.”The new MX-C311 and MX-C401
    feature digital color copier, printer and scanner capabilities in a
    single MFP. Each is designed with a brilliant 8.5 inch (diagonal) WVGA
    Color Touch panel display for easy navigation in IT-oriented workflow
    intensive environments. The MX-C311 can print up to 31 pages per minute
    in color and up to 31 pages per minute mono copy and print. The MX-C401
    can print up to 40 pages per minute in color and up to 40 pages per
    minute mono copy and print. Both units can produce up to 35 images per
    minute for color scanning, and both units accommodate up to legal-size
    paper.The distinctive design of the MX-C311 and MX-C401 complements the
    contemporary office setting. Sharp has given each model in the Frontier
    Series a stylish, textural exterior with sleek body lines, chrome
    accents, and a brilliant color display. A space-saving and “wingless”
    inner staple finisher keeps the profile sleek and compact, creating a
    footprint that’s the smallest in its class, enabling it to fit in to
    spaces a traditional MFP cannot.

    Customizable Business Solutions with Sharp OSA(R) Technology
    MX-C311 and MX-C401 support the new third generation of the Sharp
    OSA(R) development platform, turning the product into a gateway for
    document-based business communications by integrating the devices with
    network-based applications. Sharp OSA(R) technology enables dealers and
    developers to create fully networked and customized document solutions
    to meet virtually any business need. With Sharp OSA(R) technology,
    businesses can securely connect devices with a wide range of enterprise
    applications, including document management applications, reporting
    functions and internally developed programs. No other A4 MFP offers
    this level of connectivity.Sharp OSA(R) technology can leverage the
    widescreen display of the MX-C311 and MX-C401 to provide enhanced
    flexibility, easier viewing through advanced controls, and play back of
    flash clips to enhance the user experience. Users will find this makes
    accessing an application from an MFP a similar experience to using a
    workstation, minimizing steps and time to complete tasks.

    Remote Access Capabilities
    the MX-C311 and MX-C401 include Sharp’s newest developments in device
    management, with a Remote Front Panel printer administration utility
    (PAU version 5.0) that provides the IT administrator or helpdesk
    professional with the ability to see exactly what the end-user is
    seeing. They can remotely change settings, show the user how to perform
    a function, or diagnose and often rectify problems without deploying a
    technician to the device. This unique MFP capability dramatically
    reduces unit downtime and service expenses.

    Network Security
    award-winning Sharp Security Suite is standard on MX-C311 and MX-C401
    models. This means each model meets the requirements set forth in the
    IEEE-2600-2008 standard, as well as IPv6. The Sharp Security Suite can
    be enhanced through data security kits that protect document data using
    AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and secure data erase,
    which can overwrite the hard drive up to seven times. The units also
    offer several layers of added security such as IP/MAC address
    filtering, SSL Encryption, and IPsec (IP Security) protection. They
    also offer local and network user authentication to ensure only
    authorized access to the devices.

    Best of Breed Supply System
    an eye towards efficiency, Sharp has created a unique Best of Breed
    Supply System that virtually eliminates downtime needed to replenish
    supplies, and lowers the cost of ownership for the customer. Like
    traditional printer-based products, each supply item is designed to be
    quickly and easily replaced. No tools are required and each cartridge
    is color coded and keyed, for simple and quick user replacement with no
    mess and no downtime. To further reduce downtime and service labor
    expense, other maintenance items, such as its primary transfer belt
    unit, secondary transfer roller unit, fuser, paper feed rollers and
    document feed rollers are all designed for quick, tool-free
    replacement.The MX-C311 and MX-C401 come with My Sharp support, a
    dedicated website that provides 24/7 support and training tools to help
    maximize the features of the new document systems. Customers visit
    their personalized My Sharp page to see more than 50 Web demonstrations
    that walk the user through typical and not-so-typical product usage and
    service questions. My Sharp also provides online access to user manuals
    and supply information so customers can get the information they need
    anytime with a few simple keystrokes. With Sharp OSA(R) technology,
    customers will be able to access My Sharp right on the MFP’s front
    panel, making it easier than ever before for users to get the most out
    of these powerful workgroup document systems.

    From Superior Process Comes Superior Product
    of the models in Sharp’s new Frontier line are the result of Sharp’s
    unique approach to designing and building office products, thinking and
    acting differently from any other vendor. The company employs a global
    product development process in which management, business development,
    R&D, product development, marketing, manufacturing, training and
    customer service teams all work collaboratively during each stage of
    the product development process. This gives Sharp a 360-degree view of
    the MFP market, allowing the company to form a common platform strategy
    in which the core components of Sharp’s product line are designed,
    developed and manufactured together. Components, software and processes
    are engineered to be shared across engine platforms, making Sharp’s
    products “look and act” similarly across virtually all segments of the
    market. This makes Sharp workgroup MFPs and printers easier to operate,
    maintain, and sell. It also gives Sharp the unique ability to launch
    complete product lines in compressed timeframes.The culmination of this
    approach is a line of award winning products universally praised for
    exceptional reliability and superior performance. Sharp is leveraging
    this proven formula in its new A4 line, giving it a combination of
    unique Sharp features and functionality that are not available in any
    other line in this class. For example, the new line leverages the same
    next generation multi-tasking MFP controller technology as other Sharp
    product offerings. This common controller architecture provides a
    uniform user experience across Sharp’s MFP products, ensuring
    consistency and enhancing productivity.The MX-C311, MX-C401, and all
    Frontier models with the MX designation, will be available exclusively
    via authorized Sharp dealers and direct sales.