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    Nearly half of ink cartridges used in AP are not originals
    printer ink cartridge vendors will need to be vigilant against
    counterfeits products, which are often mixed with originals or gray
    products, a study by IDC warned.

    IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly Printer Consumables Tracker which covered
    Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, People’s Republic
    of China (PRC), South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, indicated
    that the recent turmoil in the financial markets will inevitably impact
    on the printer consumables market.”Particularly for countries such as
    India and the PRC where users are more price sensitive, this may
    provide opportunities to the non-original products,” it said. “Printing
    activities in the home space will likely to be reduced, putting more
    pressure especially for the ink cartridge market. It is hence important
    for original vendors to find ways to counter the raising costs and
    provide better value preposition to the end-users such as introducing
    better efficient cartridges with lower cost per page.”

    loyalty rate for inkjet cartridges averaged about 62% for Asia Pacific
    except Japan. Original vendors secured at least two thirds of the ink
    cartridge market share in most countries but faced greater challenges
    in India, Indonesia, Korea and the PRC. Users in these countries are
    more willing to use third party products, especially low cost refill
    products/services.Original vendors seek to provide better value
    proposition to the end-users such as vibrant print quality, longer
    lasting prints, loyalty programs, low/high yield cartridges for
    occasional/frequent users etc., to garner users’ loyalty.

    On the
    other hand, apart from very competitive pricing, third party vendors
    have various products offerings such as continuous inking supply
    systems or “Do-It-Yourself” refills kits to attract the users.Users
    stand to benefit from this tug-of-war between the original and
    compatible players as they are presented with more choices, the study

    In Singapore, original vendors are enjoying very high
    loyalty rates in the toner space. About 4 in every 5 of the toner
    cartridge shipped are originals. This is much higher than the overall
    toner loyalty rate of 59% for the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
    region.Loyalty rates are below 50% in the PRC (46%) and India (39%),
    which have a higher composition of cost conscious users compared to the
    rest of the region. Original vendors have to be watchful as their
    increasing laser installed base will also attract more third party
    players, who are also eyeing on a share of the revenue.

    Asia/Pacific Quarterly Printer Consumables Tracker showed that the
    printer consumables market grew about 5% yearonyear to reach 46 million
    units in the second quarter of 2008.Inkjet cartridge remained dominant,
    accounting for 80% of the total printer consumables market or close to
    37 million units. Strong growth continued in the laser toner market
    with 18% growth year-on-year to exceed the 9 million mark this quarter.

    the second quarter of 2008, the inkjet cartridge market only managed to
    ink a 2% growth, which pales in comparison to 8% growth in the same
    quarter last year.Growth in most countries were modest at 3 to 4%
    except for slightly better compared to the growth in Thailand (10%) and
    Philippines (7%). HP, Epson and Canon remained the key stakeholders in
    the inkjet cartridge market with a combined unit market share of 90%.

    adoption of laser Single Function Printers (SFPs) and Multifunction
    Peripheral (MFPs) continued to strengthen the demand for toners in the
    market with the key vendors showing very strong double-digit
    growth.”There was strong growth exceeding 20% in the toner markets of
    India, Indonesia, the PRC and Thailand,” said Shirley Teo, Research
    Manager of IDC’s Asia/Pacific.