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 user 2008-11-12 at 3:21:31 pm Views: 70
  • #20604
    HP Expands Ink/Toner Recycling Initiative
    companies and consumers are focusing more and more on being
    environmentally-friendly, keep electronics out of landfills, and
    recycle components that can be recycled and re-used. HP is known for
    its ink and toner recycling program, and the company is now taking its
    efforts one step further by joining forces with Staples Business Depot
    to create retail drop-off locations.

    As part of the pilot
    program, consumers can return used HP ink cartridges and LaserJet toner
    cartridges to more than 300 Staples stores across Canada. Once
    returned, the cartridges will be recycled through HPs own recycling
    facility, and will thus be diverted from landfills.“We introduced HP
    Planet Partners long before ‘going green’ was a trend, and over time,
    HP has made print cartridge recycling easier and more widely
    available,” says John Solomon, Vice President and General Manager,
    North American Consumer Business, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “As
    environmental awareness and customer participation have increased,
    we’re proud to offer customers authorized retail recycling locations as
    a natural evolution of the program.”

    Previous to this
    initiative, HP would include envelopes in cartridge packaging so that
    consumers could mail used cartridges back to the company. The company
    says it will no longer do this in order to reduce the amount of
    shipping material required for recycling returns. Postage-paid return
    options will continue to be available at http://www.hp.com/recycle, and return
    labels will still be included in LaserJet toner cartridge packaging.

    estimates that if all ink cartridges returned via in-box envelopes in
    2008 were returned in bulk from authorized retail recycling locations
    instead, the amount of shipping materials used would have been reduced
    by more than 600,000 pounds. This equates to enough cartridges to fill
    more than 15 tractor trailers!In order to accommodate the increased
    recycling efforts, HP will be doubling the size of its North American
    ink cartridge recycling facility to more than 80,000 square-feet.