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 user 2008-12-10 at 1:04:58 pm Views: 130
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    Printer.com Analyzes Total Cost of Ownership for Printers and Cartridges
    New Web site to help consumers save money and reduce environmental waste
    SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec  2008 — Printer.com is combining its vast knowledge of printers, cartridges, search engines and e-commerce to introduce the premier printer cost comparison Web site. Launched today, the independent shopping resource features its own database of more than 4,400 printers and 1,600 cartridges. Connecting to more than a dozen leading online retailers, Printer.com aims to provide consumers and businesses with a simple interface to accurately find and compare the total costs associated with owning and operating competing printers.

    Printer.com provides fast and easy cost comparisons not only for printers, but also the cartridges that accompany them. This is particularly compelling because it’s often easy to neglect the cost of ink cartridges when evaluating different printer options. Utilizing factors such as average pages printed per week, color and size, Printer.com provides different printer options, estimated costs of printer cartridges and links to authorized online merchants. Retailers then compete on price and service to provide consumers with the best deal for the user’s needs.”When shopping for printers, consumers tend to look at the price tag in front of them without accounting for other variables that accumulate during a printer’s life, such as cartridges,” said Bob Crum, director of U.S. Operations for Printer.com. “Today’s printers are now averaging five year lifecycles, which could mean people may ultimately be wasting money and not even know it because they haven’t factored in the lifetime costs of running a printer.”
    Printer.com will also help reduce environmental waste and the adverse affects caused by the excess disposal of used printers and cartridges. On average, one printer cartridge takes more than 400 years to decompose and with hundreds of millions of them being disposed of each year, the toll on the environment is extensive.”By helping people make educated decisions, we believe Printer.com will aid in reducing e-waste caused by people choosing a printer not properly suited for their operations,” Crum said. “When people make informed choices based on their daily printing needs, they will cut down on the number of cartridges used in the long run.”In addition to providing cost comparisons for new printers and cartridges, Printer.com services will help consumers and businesses to evaluate options for purchasing replacement cartridges, as well as product lifecycle recommendations to determine if it’s time to replace an old printer.

    About Printer.com
    Printer.com is operated by Printer.com Corp. in San Jose, CA, and owned by Treasuron International, an independent resource in the online marketplace for printers and cartridges. Launched in 2008 with the aim of providing unbiased information on a wide range of printers and cartridges, and presenting them in an objective way which enables accurate comparisons, Printer.com currently features more than 4,400 printers and 1,600 cartridges in its database connected to authorized online retailers.For more information on Printer.com, please visit its Web site at http://www.printer.com .