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 user 2003-11-25 at 3:19:00 pm Views: 94
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    HP Makes Inkjet Print Cartridge Recycling Easier
     Free Postage-Paid Envelopes Provide Consumers and Businesses with Convenient Recycling for Their HP Inkjet Print Cartridges

    HP is making it easier for customers to recycle HP printing supplies with an expanded HP Planet Partners return and recycling program for HP inkjet print cartridges. Starting in December, HP customers in the United States will find postage-paid recycling envelopes in their new HP 56 and 57 inkjet print cartridge boxes. This trial service builds upon HP’s environmental leadership in the return and recycling of printing supplies.

    With this expanded service, business customers and consumers can help protect the environment by mailing their empty HP inkjet cartridges to HP’s state- of-the art recycling operations. The cartridges are then processed into recycled raw materials for use in new consumer products.

    This new ink cartridge recycling service is an integral part of HP’s renowned Planet Partners program, which has been recognized for its industry- leading HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling program. Since Planet Partners started in 1991, more than 64 million HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges have been recycled.

    The service expands on existing returns options, including in-box postage-paid return labels for most HP LaserJet cartridges, an option begun in 1991. Customers can also order online postage-paid shipping materials for bulk and individual returns of HP inkjet and LaserJet cartridges at http://www.hp.com/recycle. HP was the first OEM to offer an inkjet print cartridge return and recycling program in the United States through this online offering.

    “Environmental protection is a complex undertaking, but the laws of nature are simple. We will provide leadership on the journey to an environmentally sustainable future, with environmentally sound products and creative recycling systems,” said Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president of supplies, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “We do this while continuing to deliver what we promise and what customers expect — reliable performance and excellent print quality.”

    HP’s Planet Partners program is available in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and North America and is a key part of HP’s longstanding environmental commitment and stewardship over the entire product lifecycle of its printing supplies.

    Combining environmental stewardship and innovation, HP is now seeking to close the loop on the product lifecycle by qualifying recycled HP inkjet print cartridge plastics for use in HP’s own materials.

    In a pilot project, HP has developed an HP Scanjet scanner component made from 25 percent recycled inkjet cartridge plastic and 75 percent recycled plastic bottles, while meeting all part and product specifications and requirements. HP will continue to investigate opportunities for using recycled plastics to deliver high-quality, reliable and environmentally sound products.