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 user 2009-02-06 at 10:44:57 am Views: 86
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    Kodak and Samsung Printers Win Again at CES 2009
    CES, a camera-printer winning an Innovations Award in Digital Imaging
    is a bit like a rap group winning an Academy Award – improbable, but
    certainly not impossible. The Computer Peripherals category seems a
    more likely destination for the printing industry’s best and brightest,
    and three relatively conventional models from two familiar
    manufacturers stood out from the rest at this year’s technology
    showcase. Today’s post will cover CES ‘09’s chosen few and offer some
    insight into what makes them as cutting edge as it gets in comparison
    to their predecessors and contemporaries.

    The Kodak ESP 9
    combines pretty much every feature you could ask for in today’s top
    MFPs into one machine. First off, it prints at a reported 30 ppm in
    color and 32 in black and white. In addition, it scans, copies, and
    goes where no ESP has gone before with its convenient fax function. You
    also get Ethernet and Wi-Fi for connecting everyone at home or at work,
    a sizable 40 sheet dedicated photo tray, big 10” control panel with 3”
    LCD screen for easier operation, and PC-free photo printing via
    PictBridge and Memory Card. Other office-friendly features include an
    auto document feeder and auto duplexer for more efficient document
    processing. Tack on a notably low cost per page and reasonable MSRP of
    $299.99, and you have a printer that demonstrates the meaning of the
    whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

    If the Samsung
    ML-1630W monochrome laser printer and Samsung SCX-4500W monochrome
    printer, scanner & copier look a bit familiar, it’s because their
    predecessors are the Samsung ML-1630 and SCX-4500, both of which
    appeared as Honorees in the Computer Peripherals category at CES 2008.
    So what’s the difference between this year and last year? Check the
    model names more closely, and this year’s CES honorees from Samsung
    have a W at the end. The extra letter means that you get wireless and
    Ethernet connectivity, which makes the ML-1630W and SCX-4500W more
    suitable for sharing in a home or office environment. Otherwise, the
    $200 ML-1630W and $300 SCX-4500W probably won by turning heads with
    their sleek black laptop-like designs, just like the models that came
    before them. All four printers use the same ML-D1630A black toner
    cartridge, so consumers looking to make the transition from regular to
    network-ready versions won’t find it too difficult.

    concluding this recap, it’s natural to ask if there was any one reason
    the three aforementioned printers came out on top. Not exactly an easy
    question, but here’s an easy answer – the printers honored as top
    Computer Peripherals at CES 2009 added substance to an already capable
    and stylish line of products in order to stay a step ahead of the
    competition. We’ll conclude our CES coverage in our next post with a
    look at some other noteworthy printers and printing technology from
    this year’s show.