HP Expired / Bad Box OEM Laser & Ink

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HP Expired / Bad Box OEM Laser & Ink

 user 2003-11-26 at 12:36:00 pm Views: 89
  • #8009

    We are looking for quantity buyers on this in-stock product. Please advise of any interest…

    75A    (HP & Canon packaging)    647pcs

    74A    (HP,Canon,Apple)             128pcs

    91A    (HP, QMS)                        286pcs

    00A    (QMS)                              146pcs

    98A    (Canon)                            17pcs

    FX1                                            133pcs

    FX2                                            80pcs

    PC20                                          40pcs

    M1960 Apple                              26pcs

    M4683 Apple                              30pcs


    All lasers are either in still-sealed OEM packaging, or bulk-packed with pull tabs intact.
    29G low yield May ’01                1900pcs

    25A                                          441pcs

    26A                                          489pcs

    26G                                          195pcs

    29A                                          115pcs

    33M                                          184pcs

    41A                                          174pcs

    49G                                          100pcs

    HP 10 Printheads all colors        300pcs

    44M/Y                                      150pcs

    40CMY                                     600pcs

    All inks are in still-sealed OEM packaging with a range of expired dates.

    Contact your Sales Representative with any interest.

    Impro Sales