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 user 2009-02-13 at 3:50:36 pm Views: 73
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    Dell uses Zink Imaging to create an ink-free mobile printer
    Imaging is steadily expanding its reach for its inkless printing
    technology as it announces that licensee Dell has released its Dell
    Wasabi PZ310 Ink-free Mobile printer.

    Bedford, Mass-based
    Zink Imaging figured out how to print without inkjet cartridges by
    embedding dried ink in paper. It heats the ink in precise locations to
    form an image. This new technology works especially well in creating
    mobile printers for devices like iPhones, where a normal printer is
    just too bulky.Zink focuses on manufacturing the paper and licensing
    the system to its customers. Dell’s version is available now on Dell’s
    web site in pink, blue and black. The device weighs just seven ounces
    and can fit in a pocket.Wendy Caswell, chief executive of Zink, said
    the Dell deal shows the company is executing its strategy of getting
    multiple devices with multiple brands.

    This is the fourth
    product based on Zink’s technology to hit the market. While printer
    makers such as HP make a ton of money selling ink, Zink hopes to make
    money with its paper, which is an advanced composite material embedded
    with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals.The Wasabi can print
    two-inch by three-inch pictures that users can peeled off and use as
    stickers. It works with a wide range of devices, including digital
    cameras, camera phones, netbooks, and laptop computers. It’s
    essentially just like the old instant film cameras from Polaroid, where
    Zink’s founders worked.

    Previous Zink-based products include the
    Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer, which debuted in July 2008.
    Japan’s Tomy launched the Tomy xiao tIP-521 digital camera with
    built-in mobile printer in November, and Polaroid is shipping its PoGo
    Instant Digital Camera with built-in Zink printer in the U.S. in
    March.Caswell said the next-generation of printing devices coming this
    year will support larger devices.Zink was founded in 2005. It raised
    $25 million in 2007, but it isn’t disclosing all of the funding it has
    raised to date.