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    Feeding the Hungry Beast
    On Wheels TruckCartridge on Wheels has developed the Cartridge on
    Wheels franchise system to provide printer services, replacement
    toners, remanufactured cartridges, as well as new cartridges and ink,
    to consumers who continuously feed their hard-working printers but want
    to have a total purchasing solution.

    The Cartridge on Wheels
    system answers the call for a complete printing supplies program
    delivered to your desktop. Cartridge on Wheels franchises carries full
    lines of new and private label prices. Cartridges on Wheels Imaging
    Supplies Specialist become office managers’ and purchasing agents’
    single source solution for printers and imaging supplies.

    service is provided Monday through Friday. We also have the ability to
    serve your needs seven days a week. Cartridge on Wheels services are
    available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our customized
    electronic ordering system. The World Wide Web allows your office to be
    open 24-7!

    Cartridge On Wheels Customer DeliveryCartridge on
    Wheels franchise offices are able to customize plans for businesses
    such as banks, hospitals, office complexes, etc. These customized plans
    provide service to valued customers in the fashion which best suit the

    Our printer preventive maintenance programs assist
    printers to work smoothly and efficiently. Cartridge on Wheels offers
    maintenance kits and installation for most printers, which keeps
    printers running smoothly so work is never interrupted.

    Cartridge on Wheels inventory control system regulates inventory,
    assists in cost management, and reduces the personnel/purchasing
    department’s time investment. With customer plans like these, customers
    need not look anywhere else for ink and toner needs. Cartridge on
    Wheels strives to create loyal customers who value our managed print

    Not only does Cartridge on Wheels save valuable time,
    it also helps to save the environment. The hard, plastic parts of toner
    and ink cartridges are recycled. This is more than a recycle – refill,
    it is a true remanufacturing processing oem standards. Our franchise
    system is committed to making a difference for the business and the