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 user 2009-04-03 at 12:50:42 pm Views: 58
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    Parts Now! Expands into Compatible Toner Market

    businesses aiming to cut printing costs without sacrificing print
    quality, Parts Now! introduces a premium line of compatible toner that
    overcomes all the problems often associated with remanufactured toner.
    The result: a new product line that delivers superior print
    characteristics and reliable performance at reduced cost per page.

    almost 20 years of driving sound remanufacturing processes for laser
    printer parts, we saw a unique opportunity to apply our knowledge and
    experience to toner remanufacturing,” said Jason Jensen, vice president
    of business development. “We recognized a real need in the industry for
    a reliable product delivered with greater speed and consistency. Now
    we’re excited to offer it to our customers at prices significantly
    lower than new cartridges.”

    The new line of premium-quality
    compatible toner is exclusively American-made according to
    ISO-certified processes, with none of the quality or environmental
    problems usually associated with imported cartridges. Covered by a
    2-year, 100% satisfaction warranty, each cartridge is guaranteed to
    produce crisp text, sharp graphics and accurate color rendition.

    number of our cartridges offer twice the yield of original cartridges
    or more, delivering a cost per page performance that is lower than the
    original,” noted Matt McLeish, director of Managed Print Solutions.
    “This presents a huge opportunity for our customers to reduce cost per
    page, improve their margins, increase customer uptime and pass along
    savings to their customers. Yet they’re still delivering excellent
    print performance. Everybody wins.”

    About Parts Now!
    Now! LLC is the industry leader in profitable solutions for businesses
    who service laser printers. The #1 supplier of laser printer parts in
    North America and an authorized distributor for HP, Lexmark, Canon and
    Toshiba, Parts Now! is also the largest trainer of repair techs in the
    U.S., and a leading expert in helping companies drive revenue with
    managed printing.