WHAT IS …….. www.classroomrelief.com ?

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WHAT IS …….. www.classroomrelief.com ?

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    LLC, an environmental print management company, has announced a new
    fundraising program to augment its current empty cartridge collection
    program. Through its new website, classroomrelief.com, individuals and
    businesses can register and designate a school or non-profit
    organization to receive a 50% profit share when ink and toner are
    purchased through the program.The Classroom Relief Project offers
    participants ink and toner cartridges priced lower than the major
    office stores name-brands. Schools raise an average of $5 per inkjet
    cartridge and an average of $40 per toner cartridge sold through the
    program, according to Mark Hawkins, founder and CEO of
    InkPeace.“Participants in this program not only raise badly needed
    funds for the classroom, but they also save money while helping the
    environment – a trifecta in this economic crisis”, says Hawkins.

    Hawkins’ background includes pioneering the first online travel booking
    site and developing a travel auction with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar
    more than a decade ago, his company has no plans to sell ink via the
    public internet. Instead, InkPeace employs a private Intranet system
    enabling clients to order via customized e-order forms displaying only
    their own inventory of printers, faxes and copiers.InkPeace prides
    itself in being a community-oriented independent company. “There is a
    difference between the faceless internet and big-box stores, and
    genuinely serving the community as an advisor when it comes to making
    an informed purchase”, says Hawkins. ‘Very few people buy a printer
    without checking how much the consumable ink costs first.”.

    is partnering with LBUSD’s WRAP after school program to design and
    distribute inkjet cartridge recycling receptacles which will be
    distributed during the month of April in celebration of Earth Day 2009.
    The WRAP (Winners Reaching Amazing Potential) program is funded by the
    After School Education and Safety Grant, 21 Century Community Learning
    Center and Community Development Block Grants and is operated in
    partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District.Although the
    inkjet cartridge recycling receptacles are being delivered to schools
    within the LBUSD, they are available to all schools and non-profit
    organizations on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting

    About InkPeace
    InkPeace, LLC is a print management
    company with a retail location in Long Beach, California. The company
    specializes in manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly ink and
    toner products for printer, fax machines, and copiers. Clients include
    the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach Chamber of Commerce,
    RE/MAX, and The Signal Tribune Newspaper.For interviews and further
    information about InkPeace and the Classroom Relief Project, go to
    http://www.classroomrelief.com or contact Mark Hawkins at 562-912-4657.