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 user 2009-04-14 at 12:22:56 pm Views: 52
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    European Commission investigates expensive printer ink
    The European Commission is currently finalizing a study on the possible competition in the market of (expensive) ink cartridges for printers. The investigation, which started in 2002, is now at an advanced stage.

    The comparison suggested in December that nearly all printer manufacturers in a short time after the other significant price increases up to 20% at the post were. select and calculate accurately what a printer costs including the cost of cartridges. This can easily be determined by price increases implemented by the manufacturer. These findings were also cause for MEP Bart Staes to again ask questions.

    According Staes Kroes stressed that first and foremost, without prejudice to seek full respect of European competition rules, all companies on an equal footing with each other to compete. On April 1, 2003 confirmed the then European Commissioner Monti to Staes that an effective investigation was launched into the possible distortion of fair competition from producers of printers. Now six years later approaching this research – which include addressing the question whether or not there is tied – a denouement.

    Staes: “Six years is too long for such a study, although it is important that the Commission act carefully. The research is focused on whether the producers of printers because of the shape and price of their ink cartridges Community requirements in terms of competition law. This is an extremely complex investigation, both economically and legally. “
    “But it is high time that consumers in Europe once the truth is told about this case. And that is also taken to ensure that every year tens of millions of empty or half empty cartridges in the municipal land. On average, ten, twenty percent empty ink cartridges are refilled and reused. This is madness, because it can least five times per cartridge! “

    At the end of 2007 concluded the American Consumer Institute (ACI) that the price of printers is kept artificially low, while the price of ink cartridges is too high. The ACI study also showed that manufacturers sometimes filled in for not even one quarter.

    The European Parliament, in the context of electronic waste directive from 2006 to electronic chips to remove the ink cartridges. These often prevent a refilled cartridge back in the printer can be used. But in practice, manufacturers like HP and Epson do just that. “Reuse, where consumers also benefit, is this, discouraged. From an environmental point of view is that a disgrace,” said Staes., the following price of the printer manufacturers:
    01-11-2008 +5%
    01-01-2009 again an increase of 10%
    01-01-2009 +5%
    01-03-2009 again an increase of 8% (ink)
    01-04-2009 again an increase of 8% (toner)
    20-11-2008 +5% to +10%
    01-10-2008 +2% to +15%
    01-12-2008 a further increase of 8%
    01-12-2008 +5% to +8%
    01-04-2009 again an increase of 6%
    01-10-2008 +7%
    01-12-2008 again an increase of 11%
    01-01-2009 +5%
    15-08-2008 +5%
    01-11-2008 again an increase of 8%
    02-12-2008 +8%
    01-01-2009 +10%
    16-02-2009 +13%

    The increases are approximate and are average increases per manufacturer. Increases of individual type cartridges may vary.