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 user 2009-04-24 at 12:25:13 pm Views: 88
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    HP begins fresh war against counterfeiting
    seizes 3.5m fake products in EMEA
    While the activities of Counterfeiting is increasingly  getting sophiscated  by  the day,  Hewlett Packard,  HP, has begun a fresh war  to renew  its commitment  with  regional authorities and business partners in the fight against fake merchandise, This is even as it seizes about  3.5 million finished fake products for illegal re-use  since december 2006 through decemcer 2008  all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, EMEA,   in about  470 full investigations in around 250 raids.With its conduct of   4,620 investigations in 55 countries resulting in 3,528 enforcement actions  globally  seizing a total value of more than $795 million USD worth of counterfeit, HP  has warned again that no stone would be left  unturned to bring culprits to book.

    Just last week during HP’s international conference on anti-counterfeiting held in Nairobi, Kenya   as part of its European anti- counterfeit tour where their experts embarked on a multinational tour of the Europe, Middle East and African,   (EMEA)  region to address the stepped up battle against fraudulent printing supplies, Tina Rose, thecompany’s  anti- Counterfeit Manager for EMEA told the capacity audience in attendance that  tough days await perpetrators of fake products around the world, especially in Africa where there have been  reported cases.Although HP has not carried out raid actions in Nigeria in recent time  where consumption of  theire  products and solutions are high as a result of the population,  Rose  who was   worried about the nefarious activities of these fake merchandise,  said that the company   would soon beam their search light in Nigerian market  just like in Kenya.“We expect to have similar results in Nigeria just like in Kenya. We are working with local authorities to identify fake products. Counterfeiting is an underground activity. I cannot give estimates of counterfeited products now but we are carrying out a survey on how many products counterfeited in each region. Education is the most important strategy to fight counterfeiting to the barest minimum.

    “The impact of counterfeit HP printing supplies is felt through lost revenue as well as the negative effect this fraudulent practice can have on the hard-earned HP reputation and consumer confidence. HP actively fights the manufacturing and sales of illicit print cartridges for HP LaserJet and inkjet printers on a worldwide basis. Herewith an at a glance summary of the implications of counterfeit  printing supplies:“HP cooperates with law enforcement authorities to identify and seize counterfeit products, cut off distribution routes and prosecute fraudsters.  Since December 2006 (through 31 December 2008) HP in EMEA has helped to seize 3.5 million finished fake products and components intended for illegal reuse, Initiate 470 investigations and around 250 raids and follow up on almost 900 substantial leads on suspicious products” she explained.

    While counterfeit printing cartridges for HP’s LaserJet and Inkjet printers is a global issue, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, according to her,  are areas where organized counterfeit activity is especially rampant,“Counterfeiters and fraudulent traders frequently deceive customers into thinking they are buying genuine goods, with print cartridges either packed in copies of original HP boxes or in reused original HP boxes.“Buyers of counterfeit print cartridges run several risks, ranging from substandard print quality to printer downtime due to damage by inferior counterfeit supplies.

    “HP routinely cooperates with law enforcement authorities across the region to identify and destroy fake printing supplies. Since late 2008, for example, local authorities in Africa have seized 150,681 counterfeits and components for illegal re-use in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. In addition, the authorities closed the remises which the counterfeiters had used to manufacture and distribute fake products.“Since late 2006, HP has followed up almost 900 substantial leads on suspicious products all over EMEA, leading in almost 470 full investigations and around 250 raids in which around 3.5 million finished fake products and components intended for illegal reuse were seized.“Globally, from 2005_2008 HP conducted 4,620 investigations in 55 countries resulting in 3,528 enforcement actions (raids and seizures by authorities) seizing a total value of more than $795 million USD worth of counterfeit HP supplies products. (Investigations and actions have occurred on every continent except Antarctica.).“Counterfeiting is a crime – it is generally controlled by criminal organizations, whose activities are financed from the proceeds. In n Europe, the Middle East and Africa, counterfeit print cartridges mostly originate from Asia Pacific and increasingly from Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries.”Depending on the country, counterfeit supplies are produced and distributed within the same country, or exported. In some countries infringers often run legitimate businesses with original printing supplies but, in parallel, distribute and sell counterfeit products“On the environmental,  Counterfeit cartridges waste paper through poor print quality.” she said Counterfeit products, according to her,  can contain harmful ingredients that result from practices that are damaging to the environment, adding that all  HP print cartridges returned to HP go through the Planet Partners recycling programme.”HP introduced the Planet Partners return and recycling program for LaserJet print cartridges in 1991 and was one of the first companies to provide this environmental support for customers.HP provides more environmentally responsible recycling solutions globally than any other IT company  in more than 50 countries, regions and territories. Since 1991, HP has recycled more than 453,592 tonnes of hardware and print cartridges globally” she further explained.Meanwhile, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates the annual value of international trade in counterfeit goods at $200 billion.

    Similarly, the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) believe that counterfeiting drains an estimated EUR 500 billion per year from the global economy, equivalent to the loss of about 5_8% of trade in brand-name goods worldwide, including the illegal trade in fake printing supplies. It is estimated that around 200,000 jobs are lost in Europe alone due to counterfeiting activities