Recycle Tech is Buying your Empties!!!

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Recycle Tech is Buying your Empties!!!

 user 2009-05-06 at 6:24:49 pm Views: 163
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    Recycle Tech Solutions is BUYING your empties!

    Call, Fax, or Email your list today!!!



    We are currently buying laser cores, inkjet cores, and cellular phone cores.  Send us your list today!  We’re paying top dollar for your cores!!!


    Fax your list to: 773.821.9773
    Email your list to:

    Call Toll Free: 877.41.CORES (412.6737)


    Don’t miss out on our pricing!  Contact us today!


    We are purchasing

    the following volume empties at  aggressive prices. 


    Call, Fax, or Email your list today!!!


    Laser Cartridge Model


    Brother < ?xml:namespace prefix = st2 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas:contacts" />Dr350 NV

    Brother Dr400 V

    Brother TN 330 V

    Brother TN350 V

    Dell 1100 V

    Dell 1700 V

    Dell 1720 V

    Dell 3110 V

    *HP 11A need volume (1000+)

    HP 13A V

    HP 13X V

    HP 27X V

    HP 38A V

    HP Q5945A V

    HP 39A V

    HP 42A V

    HP 42X V

    HP 43X V

    HP 49X V

    HP 61X V

    HP 96A V

    HP CB435A V

    HP CB436A V

    HP CC364A V

    HP CC364X V

    Lex Optra T520 V

    Lex Optra T630 V

    Okidata 4600,6200, 8800,9650 V

    Okidata 860,3400,3530 V

    Samsung 6320 / Xerox M20 V

    Sharp AL100td V

    Xerox 6r881 V

    Xerox 6r914 V

    Xerox Phaser 6180,6280,6360 V

    Xerox Phaser 7300, 7750 V

    Xerox WC 4150 V


    Inkjet Cartridge Model


    Lex # 35 V

    Canon PG 40 V

    Canon CL41 V

    Canon CL51 V

    Lex #2 V

    HP 6614D #20 V

    HP 74XL V

    HP 60XL V

    HP 901XL V

    Canon PGi5 V

    HP 6656A V

    HP 6657A V

    HP 9352A V

    HP 8728A V