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 user 2009-05-19 at 12:12:59 pm Views: 70
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    Road Paint And Printer Ink Found In Fake Impotence Meds
    Not only are Pfizer busy rooting out criminals selling fake erectile dysfunction medication, but the BBC has recently been undertaking an investigation on its own to expose the dangers of buying illegal and counterfeit prescription medication. The BBC claim that in the Southeast of the UK some of the fake drugs that they came across even contained such things as printer ink and road paint which is often used to give the tablets a blue colour to make them appear more similar to the real Viagra.

    The undercover BBC reporters purchased fake Viagra medication called Kamagra in a car park obviously without a prescription or any questions being asked about the medical health of the person for whom they were intended. The British Medical Association said that the problem was not only severe because the purchase of substandard medication made with dangerous ingredients was potentially harmful for health but also because buying medication like this in a car park meant that the patients were not properly diagnosed for underlying health conditions which were likely to be causing the erectile dysfunction in the first place.

    The reason why the erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are prescription drugs is so that doctors can talk to patients and let them know what could be causing the erectile dysfunction in the first place. Very often by making simple changes to your lifestyle and general health by eating healthily, losing weight and getting fit you can improve your erectile function without having to resort to these drugs. Many men for example have no idea that smoking is directly linked to higher rates of erectile dysfunction and that is why doctors should be part of the process.

    The BMA also commented on the fact that many men do not go and see a doctor to buy impotence medication because of the embarrassment factor and thus prefer to purchase something anonymously even though it is illegal and dangerous. Web sites such as Ukmedix however allow a man to get proper medical advice from doctor, a prescription with his medication and the peace of mind that what he buys is genuine.Online pharmacies have even been shown in some cases to provide a higher quality of patient care than a face to face consultation because men are more honest and open about the problem when they don’t have to look somebody in the eyes.