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 user 2009-05-19 at 12:31:13 pm Views: 107
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    Xerox Goes Green – Signs Agreement with EnviroServe for a Recycling Initiative
    Xerox Emirates, the market leader in Document Management, Technology and Consulting Services today announced its strategic ‘green’ agreement with EnviroServe, a company established under a professional license with the activity of “Pollution and Environment Protection Services”, for the removal and recycling of old printing equipments, machines and imaging supplies such as print cartridges and toner bottles from its customers premises.
    To promote this program Xerox Emirates has commenced an aggressive marketing campaign which aims at educating and communicating its customers with the details and benefits of this recycling initiative which is based on programs available to Xerox customers in other parts of the world. More than 2.7 million cartridges and toner containers have been returned by Xerox customers for recycling in 2006 itself. Xerox has recycled 1.3 million pounds of post consumer waste toner and nearly 100,000 plastic bottles as part of this global program.
    “The main objective of this program is to help our customers who are initiating ‘green practices’ in their workplaces to reduce environmental waste by recycling their used machines, print cartridges and toner bottles. Xerox has a long heritage of supporting and promoting eco-friendly products and solutions and since1991 Xerox globally has successfully diverted more than 2 billion pounds of waste from landfills — the equivalent of the weight carried by more than 166,000 trucks to various recycling programs worldwide”, said Andrew Hurt, General Manager Xerox Emirates. “We are delighted to offer this service to our customers supporting them in their own green initiatives.  As a result of this, we have signed a three year agreement with EnviroServe for the recycling of used equipment imaging supplies such as print cartridges and toner bottles.”

    The entire pick-up logistics will be handled by Xerox Emirates. For this purpose Xerox have already set-up warehouses to store the waste before it is handed over to EnviroServe who will then recycle the waste parts such as plastic, metal, glass or electronic components in accordance with international standards and requirements. Xerox also plans to launch a dedicated web link on its existing local website where customers can log in their request for a pick-up service as well as find additional information and logistic details of the entire program.
    “We are glad to have partnered with Xerox Emirates for this green initiative. We have been providing a wide range of green services to several global corporate clients. I am happy to see the awareness and inclination of local as well as regional companies towards recycling and this is definitely a positive step ahead towards preserving our environment.” said Stuart Fleming, CEO, EnviroServe, The Green Company.“In a world of finite resources, sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present without compromising on the needs of the future. At Xerox, we are ready to build on our heritage of eco-friendly firsts to help our customers discover ways to reduce the impact of their document management processes.” Andrew added.

     Xerox currently has one of the widest range of environmental friendly products including the solid ink imaging technology which has reduced the use of plastic cartridges by almost 90 percent. Xerox Emirates also recently signed a contract with Al Jowder for the distribution of chlorine free paper within all governmental and public sector establishments in the UAE.