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 user 2009-06-19 at 2:05:41 pm Views: 65
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    Epson bills big budget renovating service centers guarantee to hit target at leading IT malls
    spent over Bt 10 million to refurbish service centers across the
    country to strengthen the brand via service.Eiji Kato, Country Manager,
    Epson (Thailand) said the renovation of the service centers is part of
    the activities under the BE THERE strategy which has been kicked off
    last year. Epson has jointly worked with allies in studying strengths
    and weaknesses of Epson’s post-purchasing service based on customer’s
    satisfaction. After all operational system has been settled, Epson
    today changes service center’s name and look from “Cover Plus” to
    “Epson Service Center”. Epson strongly believes that good service will
    lead to brand’s credibility and customers will later welcome other
    products from Epson to become part of their work and daily
    life.”Customer’s satisfaction has always been Epson’s principle. In
    this region, Epson started from standardize service of every centers
    and shops to reinforce brand through them. Singapore was the first to
    modify the shop’s look and Thailand is currently renovating them.” Kato

    Ananpol Nontapan, Service and Organization Management’s
    General Manager, Epson (Thailand) said,  “Our service center will be a
    one-stop-service shop where all appliances will be fixed; whether the
    spare part changed is needed or not. Customers will get support and
    service from back office team in organizing, checking, and sending
    spare parts to service centers promptly. Moreover, Epson also has Epson
    Service Shop, locating all over the country, who will mainly fix cases
    that do not require spare parts altered.”"Epson offers 3-month
    warranty, which differentiates us from the normal 1-month guarantee
    from other competitors. For the customers who already ran out of
    warranty, modified Epson printers or printers with other brand’s
    cartridge, they will have to be responsible for the cost themselves.”
    Ananpol added.

    Currently, there are 60 Epson Service Centers and
    8 Service Shops nationwide and Epson is aiming to open 102 centers to
    cover every province within fiscal year of 2009 (March 2010). During
    the first phase, Epson will be renovating 14 service centers which
    mainly are large IT stores in Bangkok who will as well get a
    certificate as a “authorized Epson repairing center”. Every service
    center will be focusing on major products, for instance, printer,
    inkjet, dot matrix, laser, projector and scanner, and is going to be
    another distribution channel for Epson ink cartridge.Furthermore, there
    is going to be an on-site service provided which customer can contact
    dealer directly for help and support for office devices such as receipt
    printer, check scanner, wide-tray printer, hi-end projector and large
    laser printer.”The design and decoration are going to be easy
    to recognize and create trust in our service. The new logo comes in
    navy blue paralleling the brand’s color. The logo design is simple and
    clear, reflecting professionalism and credibility. Below the shop’s
    name is a smiling line which signifies that Epson Service Center is
    happy to welcome every customer. Averagely, each shop renovation costs
    130,000 baht. The whole campaign budget is at around 10 million baht,
    including decoration and public relations cost.” Ananpol said.

    said during his past 2 months as a Country Manager of Epson (Thailand),
    he perceives marketing opportunity in Thailand’s IT industry. Customers
    might delay making purchasing decision to reduce cost of living. But
    personally, he believes that IT devices’ need is still the same, only
    customers opt to put off their decision and add up more criteria such
    as quality, price or promotion.”Epson provides a wide range of products
    that respond to all kinds of customer’s demands in great quality and at
    affordable price. What we need to do is to strengthen trust and
    encourage buying decision. Undoubtedly, the political and economic
    situation has adversely affected our business. We have been through the
    tough year 2008 with great achievement from our hard-working. I am sure
    that we will eventually reach the same kind of accomplishment as the
    fruit from our perseverance”, Kato concluded.