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 user 2009-06-30 at 12:16:55 pm Views: 51
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    Xerox India Targets 5 Key Growth Sectors
    India reinstated its focus on wide-format range of
    printers&multifunction printers and rolled out a 5 city road show
    covering Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and New Delhi. Xerox India
    will be showcasing Xerox 6204, a printer, scanner and copier that
    offers wide format affordable solutions for organizations. The road
    show aims to create awareness about wide format segment and the
    benefits customers can drive through 60% cost savings on their wide
    format printing costs with the use of Xerox wide format printers based
    on the LED technology. (Light emitting diode makes office printers
    smaller, quieter, more reliable, and less expensive than Inkjet
    plotters. LED works by means of a straight array of diodes).

    India is targeting 5 key growth sectors including:  Engineering;
    Construction and Real estate; Automobiles; Oil Gas and Petroleum; and
    Shipping and Marine through this first phase of road shows spread
    across 5 key metros. The Xerox 6204 offers superior print quality of
    600×600 dpi and supports multiple data formats and print drivers. It
    enhances productivity with a scanning speed of 3 inches per second and
    first page out time of 25 seconds. It ensures a lower total cost of
    ownership, owing to reduced overhead costs, overall savings, increased
    profits and lower operational costs.  Xerox 6204 offers competitive
    edge with 10 times faster printing speed of 5A1/ minute and a
    customizable user interface as compared to Inkjet plotters.

    about the wide format opportunity in India, Pankaj Malhotra, Marketing
    Manager, Office Color & Wide Format, Office Business Group, Xerox
    India Ltd, said, According to IDC Q4, 2008, the overall market size for
    wide format printers is Rs 375 crores, (size from 24 plotters to 64)
    including both Inkjet & LED technology based products. The total
    market size from our perspective is Rs125 crores (24 to 44), out of
    which the market for LEDs is Rs 45 crores. IDC also predicts this
    market to grow at 10% y-o-y till 2012. Research and statistics point
    out that LED market will grow faster than the Inkjet (upto 36) because
    of lower total cost of ownership which LED provides against Inkjet and
    also the faster speed of printing. The fundamental features of a
    wide-format printing machine are very well synchronized with todays
    challenging business & economic necessities.”

    Speaking on
    Xerox Indias strategy for the wide format space, Princy Bhatnagar,
    Director, Office Business Group, Xerox India, said, We lead the wide
    format segment as per IDC Q4 2008 with a market share of 44% in units.
    We believe that wide-format has a huge business potential and has not
    been fully leveraged, by enterprises yet. With its compelling business
    value proposition of 60% cost savings, Xerox road shows aims to make
    deeper inroads and reach out to its target customer base in the key
    identified high opportunity verticals, basis our internal research.
    Despite our leadership position, the strategy is to pull further and
    grow in this segment, make customers realize the business efficacy of
    wide format printing, to remain competitive today.

    Xerox India
    will be making connections with the CEO/ CIO community and apprise them
    about LED value proposition against existing Inkjet technology,
    especially in todays times of economic instability. Key differentiators
    offered by LED technology that will ensure higher cost efficiency and
    productivity for enterprises include upto 60% lower running costs, 10
    times faster speeds, permanent prints and faster throughput. Xerox has
    the most modular designed products to offer in the market today. A
    customer can buy a base entry level printer today & later upgrade
    to multifunction printer and even to an MFP with Color Scanning. The
    company plans to add new system integrators into Xeroxs existing range
    of channel partners to strengthen its sales force for wide format