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    HP in conjunction with Dubai Police, seize Dhs70m / $ 19Mil worth of counterfeit components in the Emirate
    Middle East’s efforts to protect its customers from counterfeits in the
    region, resulted in one of the largest seizures of counterfeit print
    cartridges and components in the Middle East, conducted by Dubai Police
    in 2009.The raid uncovered an illegal counterfeit operation in Dubai at
    a 600m2 warehouse with two floors filled with packaging materials and
    security labels as well as finished goods. The counterfeit goods were
    intended for export to countries in the Middle East, Europe, and
    Africa. Four people were arrested and Dubai Police have started a
    criminal investigation.Ernest Azzam, Business Manager, Laser and
    Enterprise Solutions at HP Middle East IPG, said:’HP is tremendously
    pleased with the outcome of the raid, and realizes that without the
    solid backing and cooperation of the Dubai Police, such a success may
    not have been achieved. An estimated $1bn a year is lost in revenues as
    a result of the illegal manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products.
    Dubai authorities are however making it possible to combat the evils of
    counterfeiting in the Middle East, and for this HP is exceptionally
    grateful.’Over the past year, HP has been involved in key raids that
    have resulted in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit
    products in the region. In collaboration with law enforcement agencies
    HP was involved in the successful confiscation of over 800,000
    counterfeit printer cartridges and components from illegal operations
    in the Middle East in the first quarter of 2009 alone.

    regularly assists local law enforcement authorities in their
    counterfeit investigations by providing information on how fake
    cartridges and ink products are produced, as well as, providing tips on
    what to look for when evaluating the authenticity of genuine products
    and identifying counterfeits.HP Officials advise businesses and
    consumers to be suspicious of printer cartridges offered at below usual
    market prices. While some counterfeiters do sell their fake products at
    standard pricing, some will offer steep discounts in order to secure a
    tender from large customers such as banks, government institutions or
    to encourage quick sales.

    HP recommends checking the packaging
    very closely for tampering as some counterfeit products may be
    presented in genuine HP packaging, therefore appearing legitimate. All
    original HP laser print cartridge boxes have an HP security
    label.Because it is featured on all HP laser print cartridges for HP
    LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet printing systems, customers have reason
    to be suspicious if they see a cartridge box without a security label.
    The label is positioned over the tear strip of the laser print
    cartridge box and has the words ‘Original Toner’ on it. On the other
    hand most original HP inkjet print cartridge boxes also feature an HP
    security label on selected HP inkjet boxes in EMEA. If present, the HP
    security label can either be found in the upper right corner of the
    hangtab at the top of the box or on the left panel of the box and has
    the words ‘Original Ink’ on it.