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 user 2009-08-11 at 12:34:50 pm Views: 96
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    HP Vs KODAK !
    Kodak vs. Hewlett-Packard over your inkjet cartridge dollar.
    electronics heavyweight HP and underdog Eastman Kodak Co. are in a
    marketing brawl.Round One went to Kodak, which launched its All-in-One
    inkjet printer line in 2007, when it started comparing its printing
    cost per page to companies such as HP and Canon Inc. in a “Print and
    Prosper” advertising campaign.

    Now, in Round Two,
    Hewlett-Packard is punching back with a marketing campaign of its own.
    HP cites its own statistics to claim that Kodak’s savings fall short of
    what’s promised and that Kodak has no printer cartridge recycling
    program.The campaign also points out that users of an HP inkjet printer
    have to replace only one color cartridge when that color runs out,
    while the Kodak printers — which use an ink manufactured at Eastman
    Business Park — have all the color inks in one $15 cartridge, so if one
    color runs out, all the colors need replacing.

    And HP takes a
    shot at Kodak by pointing out that Moody’s, the credit rating agency,
    has said there is a chance Kodak could face bankruptcy while HP was
    recently lauded in Fortune magazine.Kodak and HP have a tangled
    history. Kodak CEO Antonio M. Perez came to the company in 2001 after a
    long career as a Hewlett-Packard executive.HP, meanwhile, is the king
    of the jungle in the desktop inkjet world, commanding close to 50
    percent of the market worldwide, said Tom Ashley, director of digital
    printing consulting firm Pivotal Resources USA.

    Kodak hopes to
    ship around 1 million All-in-One printers this year — which would
    represent perhaps 2 percent of the industry’s sales.The company’s
    printers seem to have better penetration with people who do lots of
    high-end printing such as photographs, meaning more ink cartridges
    sold, Ashley said.HP “is still the market leader, but it sounded like
    Kodak must be making real inroads if you feel obliged to knock them
    like that,” Ashley said.