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    Soy Based Refilled Toners Now Available
    New toner refill made with soybean oil instead of the usual petroleum.
    OH—In September, a soy-based toner created with soybean oil will be
    available for select laser printers.For more than a decade, the Ohio
    Soybean Council has worked in partnership with Battelle to develop an
    environmentally-friendly toner using soybeans.AgriTone replaces
    traditional petroleum based toner.

    West Point Products is
    releasing the AgriTone premium replacement toner cartridges.They are a
    series of remanufactured laser toner cartridges containing toner that
    is 35 percent or more biobased.In 2008 alone, the company collected
    more than 900,000 cartridges through its Empty Core Collection Program
    and recycled more that 1 million pounds of raw materials from its
    manufacturing process

    The AgriTone product will be available for the following printers:

        * HP LaserJet 4200 series
        * HP LaserJet 4300 series
        * HP LaserJet 4345mfp
        * HP LaserJet 4250/4350 series

    the future, other releases will include popular small work group
    printers by other manufacturers.Soy based toner increases the ease in
    which paper is recycled compared to petroleum-based toners, resulting
    in cleaner and brighter pulp for future use in a variety of second-hand
    products.It also increases energy independence by alleviating the need
    for petroleum based toner.The economic demand for agricultural products
    is also increased.According to Battelle, the 2007 worldwide toner
    market was $17 billion.Using this figure, if the entire market were to
    utilize soy-based toner, 302.4 million pounds of soybean oil would be

    This equates to 26.8 million bushels of soybeans and
    increased potential for the commodity crop.“We are very gratified that
    our soy-based toner technology is being commercialized by our licensee,
    Advanced Image Resources, and their supply chain partners,” said Rick
    Heggs, Battelle senior market manager.“This technology represents a
    significant leap forward in providing the printer and copier industry
    with a high performance bioderived toner with excellent image
    quality.““This commercial introduction reinforces our belief that our
    alliance with the Ohio Soybean Council is critical to our efforts to
    bring new soy-based industrial products to market to benefit the Ohio
    agricultural economy in general and the Ohio soybean farmer

    This toner technology has been recognized with
    industry and national awards.OSC and Battelle won an R&D 100 award
    for the toner technology in 2003.OSC, Battelle and Advanced Image
    Resources Inc. won a Presidential Green Chemistry Award for the soy
    toner technology in 2008 from the EPA.