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 user 2009-09-01 at 9:44:08 am Views: 93
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    Company selected by EDS to centrally manage thousands of multi-function peripherals
    Solutions, Inc. (NSi), a leading developer of distributed content
    capture and workflow solutions, today announced it has been selected by
    EDS, an HP company, to provide an enterprise scanning solution on
    Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs) for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet
    (NMCI) program.Under the terms of the agreement, thousands of MFPs from
    a wide range of manufacturers including Xerox, HP, Ricoh and Sharp,
    will have an enterprise scanning capability centrally managed by NSi’s
    AutoStore platform.

    The AutoStore technology supports the
    integration of over 450 models of MFPs, providing EDS an enterprise
    platform to manage an international distribution of devices. EDS has
    deployed AutoStore servers throughout the United States and Japan to
    support MFP scanning on military bases and installations worldwide.
    Navy and Marine Corps users can now utilize a common interface at the
    panel of an MFP to scan-enable business processes.”This is a great
    opportunity to work with EDS to reduce government operating costs by
    leveraging the Navy and Marine Corps’ existing infrastructure to
    provide enterprise scanning,” said Nick Caruso, Director of Federal
    Sales for NSi. “We are seeing an increased interest by government
    agencies to fully utilize their existing investments to improve
    business processes.”"Within the first month of providing this service
    for NMCI we received over 1,500 MFP order activation requests,” said
    Sam Macmillan, account director of U.S. Navy business at EDS, an HP
    company. “Leveraging NSi’s AutoStore platform with EDS services will
    enable us to enhance our solution offering to NMCI.”

    includes 363,000 computers serving more than 700,000 sailors, Marines,
    and civilians in 620 locations in the continental United States, Hawaii
    and Japan, making it the largest internal computer network in the
    world. Deployed in both the classified and unclassified NMCI network,
    AutoStore has been certified by EDS through an extensive DoD
    certification and accreditation process.

    About Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi):
    Solutions, Inc. (NSi) is a leading provider of paper and electronic
    content capture and business automation solutions. NSi’s flagship
    product, AutoStore, captures paper and electronic documents from a
    copier, scanner, or printer, then routes the information into the
    appropriate business system based on the document type. As a result,
    business is done faster, with less effort – and less paper.

    solutions are the underlying business process automation system offered
    by many of the world’s leading multifunction peripherals (MFP)
    manufacturers and can be identified by the “Powered by AutoStore”
    moniker. With the largest number of unique devices supported by any
    capture platform, AutoStore is the information on-ramp for over 450
    models of MFPs and network attached scanners from Canon, Fujitsu, HP,
    Kodak, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox.The company is headquartered in
    Rockville, Maryland USA, with local offices in both Europe and Latin
    America. For more information, please visit: Americas: http://www.nsius.com,
    Europe: http://www.nsieu.com