Toner empties on sale

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Toner empties on sale

 user 2009-09-14 at 5:16:17 pm Views: 134
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    I have the following empties on sale. If your interested in anything please contact Joey at 816-584-1000 or

    HEW5LAX3906AV        !HP 5L AX C3906A TONE!           1000!EA!      .50!EA
    !HEW5PVX3903AGLUED   !HP 5P VX C3903A GLUE!     1700!EA!      .50!EA!   
    !HEWQ2613AV             !HP 1300 Q2613A TONER!           600!EA!        .75!EA!   
    !HEW400027AV            !HP 4000 C4127A TONER!           298!EA!         1.00!EA!   
    !LEX12B0090WV          !LEXMARK W820 12B0090!        162!EA!         3.00!EA!   
    !LEXOPTRAE350V        !VI LEX  E250/E350 / !                 497!EA!          12.00!EA! 
    !CANON 104V               !CANON 104V          !                 400!EA!         5.00!EA!  
    !CANX25V                     !CANON X25 TONER     !          100!EA!         6.00!EA!   
    !DELL1600V                   !DELL 1600 TONER     !              140!EA!        5.00!EA!   
    !SAMML2250V              !VI SAMSUNG ML 2250 S!        80!EA!           4.00!EA!   
    !HEW4500C4192AV      !HP 4500 C4192A TONER!         800!EA!        1.25!EA!
    !HEW4500C4193AV      !HP 4500 C4193A TONER!        800!EA!         1.25!EA!  
    !HEW4500C4194AV      !HP 4500 C4194A TONER!        700!EA!         1.25!EA!   
    !HEW4730Q6460AV      !HP 4730 Q6460A TONER!        600!EA!        2.50!EA!  
    !SAMML1710D3V         !VIRGIN SAMSUNG ML 17!      600!EA!        3.00!EA!