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    Investigators serve search warrant at toner telemarketing company
    SPRINGFIELD — The Missouri attorney general’s office and other law enforcement agencies are investigating a telemarketing firm in the south part of the city. As part of the probe, some federal agents and inspectors spent much of Tuesday going in and out of M-Tech, 1333 Bradford Parkway, but they would only say they were there as part of an ongoing probe.M-Tech sells computer equipment in addition to doing telemarketing for copying machine accessories such as toner. No one answered the company’s telephones on Tuesday. The attorney general’s office wouldn’t discuss the investigation.

    Former Mtek Employee Speaks Out About Raid
    (Springfield, Mo.) — Former Mtek employee Amanda Brown says she quit when she realized she was working for a company she now calls unethical.”We were told to be honest with them, but try to get them to give you the answers with giving them as little information as possible,” says Brown.She says her sales manager would give her pages from the phone book to call to sell printer cartridges and ink. Brown says she was told those businesses had contracts with Mtek.When someone answered, her goal was to get their printer model number and their shipping information.”Just say, ‘hey, you know, we had a little mix-up here in the warehouse, and we’ve got these 10 cartridges for your hp 2610, just wanted to let you know that they were shipping out to you,’” says Brown.

    Then, she says, they would ship out the toner with a bill.”They’d end up with a shipment of toner cartridges that was worth $3,000 for a company they’d never heard of,” says Brown.It’s for these reasons Brown says she isn’t surprised what happened Tuesday. Those working near Mtek witnessed the activity.”We started seeing some people with vests on,” says Misty Lokovich, who works in a nearby dental office.Lokovich says she saw the IRS, postal investigators, and members of the Attorney General’s office coming in and out of Mtek with black cases. Of the three organizations, none will say why. In fact, only the IRS would confirm it was at Mtek Tuesday.We tried to talk with Mtek’s owner about the raid. We tried to call Mtek, but no one answered the phone. We tried calling the business’s president at home, but his phone is disconnected.So, we stopped by the business Wednesday. The door was unlocked, but the lady we met inside the door said ‘no comment’ and told us to leave. She escorted us out the door and locked it.

    Whatever the reason, Brown is just glad to hear Mtek is being investigated, especially knowing how it hurt her professionally.”I had people in interviews go, ‘oh, you worked for microtek solutions. Aren’t they toner pirates?” says Brown.Three businesses are registered with the same address at the address of Mtek. They are Mtek, High Performance Laserworks, and Dataline Technologies. Between the 3 businesses, consumers filed 70 complaints with the Better Business Bureau over the last 3 years.