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 user 2009-09-21 at 10:17:14 am Views: 68
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    The Courtenay operations of Island Ink-Jet are no more.
    CEO Carey Porcher has shut down all operations of the company
    headquarters.Independent franchisees will continue to run using inks
    from other suppliers.Porcher said the company has been losing money
    since it lost 100 US locations three years ago.It has also had a fall
    out with a former president, who now runs his own company Island
    Ink-Jet and Toner, and has lost loyalty from some of the franchisees,
    said Porcher.”He took some of them with him,” said Porcher.Head office
    also paid Wal-Mart rents directly, leaving it in a lurch when royalties
    and rents stopped coming in from those outlets, said Porcher.

    The company had less than a dozen employees in Courtenay when it closed its doors.
    one point it had more 260 locations and employed as many as 75 people
    locally.The company was formed in 1999 when Porcher and Rob Dixon began
    filling ink cartridges out of a garage. It set up its corporate head
    offices in downtown Courtenay until last year, when it moved all its
    operations to the home of its assembly plant on Puntledge Road.Dixon
    will continue refilling cartridges out of a McPhee Avenue location
    beginning Oct. 1.
    Inky’s will remain in Sahali Centre Mall
    ink hasn’t dried yet on one Kamloops company.Though the Island Ink-Jet
    franchise has called it quits, the owner-operator of the store in the
    Sahali Centre Mall is staying in business — albeit with a different

    Inky’s Quality Ink and Toner will now replace Island Ink-Jet.
    Harold Sartorius is distancing himself from the founder of the Ink-Jet
    franchise and expanding his business.“We’re going to be bigger and
    better,” he told KTW.The new Inky’s will continue to refill cartridges
    as it has always done, but it will also offer an increased product
    line, along with a full line of toner cartridges — something the
    company didn’t have in the past.Last week, Island Ink-Jet’s CEO Carey
    Porcher sent out a press release stating the company was closing its
    doors due to “declining monthly revenues.”But that’s not the case for
    Sartorius’ operation.

    He said business has been fabulous.
    have a great client base here . . . we have a great bunch of customers
    that come to see us and we try to improve our service all the time,” he
    said.After seven years in the Sahali Centre Mall, Sartorius said he has
    no intention of moving the business from its current location.
    Island Ink-Jet out of business
    Ink has run out for local company

    what founder Carey Porcher describes as a three-year battle of
    declining monthly revenues, triggered by the closing of 100 locations
    in the U.S., Island Ink Jet is closing.“This is a sad day, as we will
    all be seeking new employment for Oct. 1,” Porcher says in a news
    release.In a separate e-mail, he cites “declining monthly revenues of
    $200,000 and growing” and a royalty decline of 82 per cent during the
    past 12 months.

    CEO Porcher launched the Island Ink Jet
    franchise with Courtenay resident Rob Dixon in 1999 as a two-man
    operation refilling ink cartridges in a garage. Within a few years,
    Island Ink Jet exploded as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the
    world, Porcher noted.Island Ink Jet Corporate supplied ink to over 260
    locations worldwide and employed as many as 75 people here in the
    Valley, he adds.  

    Until last week, Island Ink Jet remained
    Canada’s No. 1 refiller, having achieved system-wide sales exceeding
    $130 million in its 10 years in the Comox Valley. Island Ink Jet
    boasted of saving 10 million cartridges from entering the landfills,
    Porcher adds.  “There were many unforgettable experiences like
    (Vancouver Island North Liberal candidate) Noor Ahmed walking by for a
    visit to Corporate office to introduce Canada’s Prime Minister Paul
    Martin,” says Porcher.

    Island Ink Jet operated in Walmarts
    throughout Canada and Mexico for almost seven years.A few key staff
    will remain at IIJ until Sept. 15 selling all remaining IIJ inks and
    supplies on a Visa or by certified cheque to compliant franchisees
    basis only.