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 user 2009-09-29 at 11:00:27 am Views: 137
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    Mass.—-RISO, Inc., a leader in digital printing technology, today
    announced the opening of its new Boston branch, which will serve the
    entire state of Massachusetts. The Boston branch will serve the RISO
    customer base that is being acquired from RPB Systems & Services, a
    RISO dealer. The target date for that acquisition is July 31, 2009 and
    the Boston branch will formally open on August 1, 2009.“This is an
    exciting time for RISO, as the establishment of our Boston branch and
    our other planned RISO Technology Centers are key initiatives in our
    next phase of sustained growth,” said Todd Deluca, President and COO of
    RISO, Inc. “Our continued success and market expansion are being driven
    by demand for our innovative ink-based production printers, including
    our recently launched ComColor® inkjet series. We have already seen
    growth in revenue in the first quarter of our current fiscal year.
    While many of our competitors are shrinking their businesses, we are
    building ours.”

    “The opening of these new facilities builds on
    the enthusiasm we have seen from our recent North American launch of
    the new ComColor inkjet series,” said David Murphy, Vice President of
    Marketing for RISO, Inc. “We now have broadened opportunities to
    penetrate new commercial markets such as financial, healthcare,
    utilities, and other print-intensive markets. We are working
    strategically with our customers in these new markets to meet their
    increased demand for our inkjet production printers, as well as for our
    high-speed digital duplicators.”

    RISO currently has 35 open job
    positions in its direct operations across the country and the August
    branch opening will provide a source of new job opportunities in the
    Boston area. RISO’s new Boston branch will be located at 300 Rosewood
    Drive in Danvers, Massachusetts.

    About RISO, Inc.
    RISO, Inc.,
    headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary
    of RISO Kagaku Corporation, Japan’s leading manufacturer and
    distributor of production inkjet printers, digital duplicators, and
    supplies. RISO, Inc. sells high-speed color and monochrome printing
    solutions throughout the Americas. RISO provides fast and affordable
    full color digital printers for everyday communications, at speeds of
    up to 150 pages per minute. Its line of digital duplicators includes
    one and two-color systems that reliably produce millions of copies, are
    environmentally friendly, and are easy and inexpensive to use.

    throughout North America in June 2009, the revolutionary ComColor®
    high-speed inkjet printers handle up to 150 color pages per minute
    (ppm) for about half of the operating costs of comparable toner-based
    production printers. Capable of producing up to 500,000 pages per
    month, applications include variable data envelopes, transactional
    documents, direct mail, and more. RISO promotes the ComColor series as
    “the fastest, leanest, toughest, greenest color printers on the
    planet.”To learn more about RISO’s ComColor series, visit
    http://www.newinkjet.com or call 1-800-876-7476. Visit RISO, Inc.’s corporate
    website at http://us.riso.com.