WHERE YOU AN HP SALESPERSON ? / www.hpclassaction.com

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WHERE YOU AN HP SALESPERSON ? / www.hpclassaction.com

 user 2009-10-06 at 11:20:14 am Views: 60
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    Were You an HP Salesman ?
    Do your sales numbers and actual paid commission just not add up?
    class action lawsuit against HP in the San Francisco federal court is
    currently pending.  Three former employees of HP claim that they sold
    millions of dollars worth of HP equipment and services, but HP failed
    to pay them commissions for those sales.  The former employees also
    claim that HP failed to give them credit for sales made, which impacted
    their ability to meet their quotas and earn bonuses.  The suit alleges
    that the total commissions HP owes to current and former employees is
    over $5.0 million. We believe that if these allegations are true, a
    monetary penalty –  over and above the commissions HP owes –  may be
    assessed against HP.  If you are a current or former HP employee and
    you believe HP failed to pay you commissions you are owed, contact us
    and protect your rights.

    Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C.
    (303) 757-3300