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 user 2009-10-13 at 11:41:49 am Views: 53
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    Sun’s StorageTek LTO Ultrium data cartridges to reach India through Imation
    India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Imation Corp. announced
    that it shall distribute Sun Microsystems’ StorageTek Linear Tape Open
    (LTO) Ultrium data cartridges in India through its national distributor
    neoteric informatique ltd. Imation Corp recently signed a global
    distribution agreement with Sun Microsystems.

    Imation Corp. is a
    leading global developer and marketer of branded offerings that enable
    people to capture, save and use digital information.According to Mr.
    Sandeep Popli, Head – Sales & Marketing, Imation India Pvt. Ltd.,
    “Today’s 24×7 business environment requires more data backups in a very
    limited period of time. Sun StorageTek’s LTO Ultrium technology is the
    most economical yet high performance solution for midrange tape
    automation. Besides, users can choose from a variety of products, Sun
    StorageTek delivers the performance and the capacity they need.”

    Sun StorageTek LTO Ultrium data cartridges provide higher capacity
    levels to handle more data in less time which also means that users
    need to buy and maintain fewer cartridges thereby reducing the overall
    cost. A single cartridge has around 800 GB storage capacity without

    They are ideal for use in your archiving, backup
    and restore and disaster recovery applications. LTO Ultrium data
    cartridges have high data integrity and longevity so that data may be
    securely retained over its archived life. Backup and restore activities
    are accelerated because more data is processed in less time with fewer
    tape mounts and dismounts. This also improves the overall automation

    Also, the cartridge memory minimizes access time to
    files for faster restores. Besides, Sun StorageTek LTO Ultrium data
    cartridges are compatible with the tape drives from all three of the
    manufacturers of LTO Ultrium devices.

    The LTO Ultrium 4 systems
    will introduce for the first time to midrange tape storage, the
    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithms to keep data
    secure. The hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption capability of the new
    Ultrium 4 format offers a higher level of security during data storage
    and when transporting sensitive information.

    The product
    portfolio includes LTO Ultrium 2, 3 and LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges
    besides the Cleaning cartridges and the LTO Ultrium 3 WORM as well as
    the LTO Ultrium 4 WORM cartridges.

    On the national distribution
    arrangement with Imation, Mr. Popli elucidates, “Imation shall leverage
    on neoteric informatique’s pan-India reach as it has more than 36 sales
    & service offices, 4 hubs and warehouses in almost all states. This
    includes the B & C class cities which have been generating immense
    demand in the recent past. Besides, Neoteric provides excellent service
    support and exceptional supply chain management facilities that are of
    immense benefit to Imation.”

    neoteric has extensive reach of
    more than 7200 channel partner strength in more than 350 cities, which
    include value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs),
    corporate partners, retailers and other categories of channel under its
    fold; thereby reaching out to customers even in remote locations.
    Besides this, marketing and communication, vertical wise product focus,
    retail and online business focus are some of the value adds for Imation
    which differentiate neoteric informatique from others.