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    Giant leap in turnover for cartridge supplier
    can mean disaster for some firms.But for others it can help spur
    greater growth, as companies search out cheaper deals on the
    internet.For NetGiant, an internet-based printing ink and toner supply
    company, it has meant spectacular growth as businesses seek to slash
    operating costs.Set up by entrepreneur Gary Flynn in 2004 in Farnworth,
    NetGiant operates the CartridgeMonkey.com website which supplies ink
    cartridges to domestic consumers.The success of that site led Mr Flynn
    to set up TonerGiant.co.uk which supplies businesses all over the
    country with toners and ink cartridges.In fact the toner site now
    generates 75 per cent of the company’s revenue which increased from
    £300,000 in the first year to £4.6 million five years on.

    Flynn said: “TonerGiant.co.uk was amazingly successful on the back of
    CartridgeMonkey.com and turned over £1 million in its first year.“In
    its second year it doubled to £2 million and then this year turnover
    will reach at least £3 million and the last six months have been
    spectacular — it’s been a very good year for us.”This success is
    against a background of worries earlier in the recession when he
    gathered staff and told them he didn’t know what lay ahead.

    his worries were unfounded and the business has prospered: ”We had the
    meeting and I think everybody worked very hard and concentrated on
    providing good customer service and building good relationships with
    our business customers.”Mr Flynn set up the company with a partner he
    subsequently bought out, in small premises off Egerton Street in
    Farnworth. Now he and wife Joanne run the business which, when they
    needed to expand, decided to move to modern offices, with room for
    expansion, at Gibfield Park in Atherton.

    Last year the company
    grew by 35 per cent and hopes to achieve at least the same this year.
    He added: “I’m delighted with how the company is going but I see the
    success that the business has had over the last five years is down to
    the NetGiant team, not just me.”One market Mr Flynn is thinking of
    expanding into is office supplies, including paper, pads, pens and the
    like: “It does seem like a logical move for the company but we are
    still looking into it.”