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    HONOLULU — Monday is the 10th anniversary of the shooting at Xerox’s Hawaii headquarters that left seven workers dead.The company sent a memo to workers this week asking them to take a moment to remember those in the Xerox family whose lives were lost a decade ago.The deadly workplace shooting happened early in the morning of Nov. 2, 1999. A 911 call about a shooting sent of shockwaves across the state.Xerox General Manger Glenn Sexton remembered he was in a sales meeting when he got the call.”Nothing, nothing could have prepared me for this type of situation,” he said.As the events of the day unfolded, one of Sexton’s technicians, Byron Uyesugi, was arrested for the murder of seven co-workers.

    # Xerox Shooting Victims: Jason Balatico
    # Ford Kanehira
    # Ron Kataoka
    # Ron Kawamae
    # Melvin Lee
    # Peter Mark
    # John Sakamoto

    In the weeks to come, there were funerals and company-wide grief counseling while the police investigation moved forward.”Time heals, at the same time we will always remember and we what we want to do is focus on these men’s’ lives that were very positive and special, and we don’t want to forget that. As we look back on it, it was certainly a tragedy. Certainly no one can forget, and it changed very many lives, not at the least their families lives, but it had a profound effect, and does to this day,” Sexton said.Uyesugi tried to plea not guilty by reason of insanity. He had a fascination with fish and guns and was in therapy for anger management.

    A jury found him sane and convicted him of seven counts of murder and one attempted murder charge.A civil suit filed by the families against Xerox, Kaiser Permanente and Castle Medical Center was settled out of court.Xerox had policies about workplace violence, Uyesugi had threatened his coworkers and Sexton said all those policies were followed.”And yet something like this still occurred and that’s the unfortunate matter that tragedy does occur,” he said.

    One thing that stood out in Sexton’s mind is a company meeting shortly following the shootings.”One of our employees stood up and said, ‘The best thing to do to honor our colleagues is to be there for our customers. The seven people we lost, they were loved by their customers,’ and for that person to say that, it became a mantra that we think about to this day,” he said.Uyesugi is serving a life sentence without parole as well several concurrent life sentences totaling 235 years at a prison in Arizona. While the Saguaro Correctional Center medium security facility offers educational and vocational programs, prison officials said the former Hawaii resident has chosen not to participate.