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    Tonnex Get Behind Salvation Army Christmas Appeal:
    TOTTENHAM, VIC– Following on from their support of The Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal, Tonnex International have again aligned with The Salvation Army for their 2009 Christmas Appeal, pledging to donate $5 from every sales invoice throughout November.

    Tonnex International Director, George Kozman commented that “we were pleased to be able to raise much needed funds towards the Bushfire Appeal earlier in the year and again encourage all our customers to help support this truly great cause”

    Major Neil Venables, Territorial Public Relations Secretary of The Salvation Army, said that at Christmas time, more than any other time of the year, people turn to The Salvation Army for help. “During the Christmas & New Year period many people struggle to make ends meet. 2009 has been a very unsettled and uncertain year for many Australians. At this seasonal time of year there is an increase in pressure on families.”

    Tonnex, who celebrate their 11th Birthday in November are hoping to raise $30,000 towards this years Christmas Appeal. To help reach a maximum donation, Tonnex will also be providing a donation portal on their website at where Resellers can donate directly to the Appeal. “With the support of the Australian community, this Christmas The Salvation Army will provide help in way of food vouchers, hampers and toys to people in need. This will include the distribution of nearly a quarter of a million toys and providing in excess of 100,000 food vouchers and hampers”, said Major Venables.“We are passionate about supporting our community and as a business we do all we can to support charities such as The Salvation Army in the amazing work that they do for so many in need” said Kozman.For information on how you can help, Freecall 1800 TONNEX (1800 866 639) or visit the Tonnex website at

    Media contact:
    Tonnex International                        
    Name: George Kozman                    
    Phone: +613 9315 5333
    Tonnex launch Reseller Webstore Service:
    TOTTENHAM, VIC — As online sales continue to increase and consumer resistance to e-commerce continues to decrease, more and more businesses are creating an on-line sales presence.

    Due to research undertaken by Tonnex International in 2008, they found that the consistently strong viewpoint from their Resellers was that they would be interested in having their own webshop if it didn’t come with the tedious administration and the technical understanding that is typically required with e-commerce solutions.

    According to National Marketing Manager, James Rendell, the responses from this research provided enough evidence for Tonnex to engage web developers and e-marketers to build a fully automated webshop available for Tonnex Resellers. “The overwhelming response indicated that Resellers wanted a website that allowed them to sell on-line – however the monetary and time costs to create and administer such a solution were the barriers preventing them from doing so. Therefore, we decided that any solution we provided would need to be fully automated, easy to use, customisable and most importantly affordable. So that’s what we had built”.

    The solution termed; Instant Consumables Webshop will give Tonnex Resellers access to this fully automated Webshop, pre-populated with all the products from the Tonnex Pricelist and a fully integrated shopping cart allowing the Reseller to conduct on-line sales virtually immediately. Tonnex believe that providing Resellers with access to sell the full range of products from the Tonnex pricelist gives them an ability to promote and provide thousands of products to the market without having to hold them all in stock. For those Resellers who want to add in other products in addition to Genuine OEM consumables, the system also has the functionality to add new categories and products.

    Rendell comments that the key with the system is in its automation and ease of use for both the Reseller and the end-user. “The system has been specifically built for non web developers. The setup wizard walks the Reseller through each step of the setup process which will have them up and running in around 30 minutes”. The Reseller has the ability to easily customise settings on what profit margins they wish to apply to different products and categories, what pricing structures they want to make available to their different customers, what delivery charges to apply based on state and order value and which payment methods they wish to make available – including pay pal and a range of other on-line credit card payment modules. From there the site will monitor any new products any obsolete products and adjust the Resellers price in accordance with any changes to the Tonnex price list, therefore maintaining the Resellers pre-set margins.  

    When asked about the benefit for Tonnex, Rendell stated, “it’s simple, this system will increase our sales; albeit indirectly, but working with our customers to help them increase their sales without astronomically increasing their costs will help us reach this objective and we believe this is the best system available to achieve the desired result”.

    Resellers do not need an existing website to use this system as it is fully hosted and provides Resellers the ability to add in information pages such as ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ so they can use the webshop as their entire company website. For those Resellers with an existing website, Tonnex will assist them with linking the webshop into their existing website. There is also a support team, video tutorials and a comprehensive list of FAQ’s to assist Resellers in getting the most out of the system.

    Rendell also commented that the introduction of on-line webshops was expected to drive greater in-store sales for Resellers. “Research shows that approximately 1 in 3 consumers use multiple channels when shopping, but most importantly these multi-channel shoppers spend up to 10 times more and show greater loyalty than those single channel shoppers. Therefore the introduction of an on-line webshop not only allows for an increase in Reseller’s sales via the webshop, but provides for customers searching for products on-line to then purchase those products from the physical storefront, not to mention the value gained from Resellers promoting their webshop in-store to drive greater on-line sales after hours and in instances of time poor home and business users”.

    With trust a key element in buying on-line, Rendell believes that Resellers will gain the majority of their sales from their local community. “We envisage that the Resellers webshop will help them to expand their geographical boundaries, no doubt, but essentially we expect them to receive greater sales from their immediate suburbs and districts because people prefer to buy from someone local they know and trust. Without a webshop Resellers will never know how much business they are really losing to those retailers with an on-line presence. That’s why we encourage Resellers to promote their webshops through email newsletters, in-store flyers and any available community notice boards to generate immediate interest from both regular and irregular customers. The thing to remember is that most business are open for 8-10 hours a day 5-6 days a week, Resellers included, which is why we as a society are finding it harder and harder to do our everyday shopping during these typical business hours which is a key challenge that a webshop addresses”   

    With security always a key concern with buying over the internet, Tonnex ensured that the developers used were proven in their knowledge and expertise of on-line webshops. “The engine used to run the webshop is on a server located in a secure data centre with multiple redundant power supplies. It also runs off carrier grade internet connections for maximum redundancy and uses 128-bit SSL security for the transmission of sensitive data such as credit card details” said Rendell.

    Instant Consumables Webshop is now available to Resellers at a discount monthly fee of $149 with $0 setup costs.For more details Freecall 1800 TONNEX (1800 866 639) or visit the Tonnex website –

    Media Contact:
    James Rendell                               
    Phone: +61 3 9315 5333