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 user 2009-12-01 at 11:19:06 am Views: 66
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    U.S. President Obama Names Xerox CEO
    to White House Initiative on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

    President Barack Obama
    today named Ursula M. Burns : , chief executive officer of Xerox
    Corporation , to help lead a national program aimed at honing students’
    skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The
    education initiative is expected to help the country sharpen its
    competitive edge in innovation and regain dominance in the technological
    revolution sweeping the globe.

    The project will be led by Burns;
    Craig Barrett, former chief executive officer and chairman of Intel
    Corporation; Glenn Britt, chief executive officer of Time Warner Cable
    and Sally Ride, former astronaut and president and chief operating
    officer of Sally Ride Science, in conjunction with the Carnegie
    Corporation of New York, and the Bill and Melinda Gates
    Foundation.“Companies like Xerox succeed through innovation : ,
    collaboration and the fresh ideas of our people. If we inspire young
    people today, we secure our ability to innovate tomorrow. Innovation is
    central to our nation’s overall growth, to our quality of life and to
    our success in the global marketplace,” said Burns, whose own personal
    journey from the classroom to the C-suite reflects the benefits and
    opportunities of a STEM education. Burns is a mechanical engineer who
    joined Xerox as student intern nearly 30 years ago and progressed
    through the company in a variety of engineering, product development and
    management roles. She was named president of Xerox in 2007 and became
    chief executive officer of the company on July 1.

    An important
    first national step to improve math and science achievement, the
    initiative plans to broaden job opportunities and quality of life for
    more Americans. The team is expected to work at a rapid pace similar to
    the space race 50 years ago and focus on mobilizing the resources needed
    to raise the level of math and science learning for all students. The
    program will explore how new technologies, social networks and other
    resources can be used to connect teachers with professionals and
    companies and improve student performance in science, technology,
    engineering and math education.

    Burns serves on the board and
    works with a number of institutions and organizations that are advancing
    STEM initiatives : . Among them are the National Academy Foundation : ,
    MIT, and the University of Rochester. Burns is also a member of the
    advisory board for FIRST : – (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science
    and Technology), an organization that, through robotic competitions,
    fosters student interest in innovation and engineering. Xerox was a
    founding member of FIRST and continues to support the organization

    In addition to FIRST, Xerox traces a 50-year commitment to
    the power of education, investing in a number of programs. The Xerox
    Science Consultant Program : is one of the longest running
    industry-education partnerships in the country. For the past 40 years,
    Xerox scientists and engineers have worked in the class room to make
    science fun for hundreds of thousands of elementary students.Xerox has
    also invested several hundred million dollars in educational grants to
    fund programs and scholarships at universities and science centers
    throughout North America. Thousands of students have received
    educational assistance through Xerox’s Technical Minority Scholarship
    Program : .