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 user 2009-12-14 at 10:59:19 am Views: 47
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    print consumables sales poor in 2009 first half but third-party share
    increased slightly
    Sales of hardcopy peripherals and consumables in
    EMEA collapsed in the first half of 2009 when compared with the previous
    year, IDC has confirmed.IDC said it has estimated that the overall
    market for consumables dropped 13.1 per cent year on year across the
    region in the first two quarters.

    Mario Lombardo, senior analyst
    at IDC, said that many Western Europe-based users have switched to
    cheaper suppliers, which will affect OEM revenue in the long run.“While
    price increases in Western Europe have helped some OEM vendors to defend
    revenues in the short term, it does appear that more users have
    switched to cheaper compatible supplies alternatives, and this is likely
    to [affect] OEMs’ supplies revenues in the long run,” Lombardo said.“In
    particular, OEM vendors with fewer service contracts are more likely to
    face increased competition coming from third-party consumables
    suppliers in the near future.”

    The sales decline was in the wake
    of the financial downturn that began September 2008. Demand slumped
    across all segments, from corporate to consumer users but business sales
    suffered most.Worst hit was laser technology – the most commonly used
    print technology in busineses. IDC estimated that EMEA sales of branded
    OEM toner consumables in the first half fell 24.9 per cent year on year,
    with OEM inkjet consumables sales falling 19.2 per cent year on year.

    third-party compatible cartridge makers and refillers, on the other
    hand, grew their volumes. Third-party toner shipments were up 5.1 per
    cent year on year. The share of the toner “aftermarket” industry has
    expanded from 29.6 per cent to 37.3 per cent year on year.

    Pupkowska, EMEA consumables programme manager at IDC, said the volume
    of third-party toner sold was higher in Central and Eastern Europe, the
    Middle East, and Africa than in Western Europe.“This is because of
    different price sensitivities and the structure of local offers, with,
    for example, Russia and Ukraine being heavily dominated by bulk products
    and refill kits,” she said.IDC expects the overall EMEA market for
    consumables to recover by 2010. Inkjet consumables are expected to grow
    1.8 per cent and toner consumables to grow 5.4 per cent from 2009 to
    2013, to 314 million units and 165 million units, respectively.