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    Can Technology Veteran Len Lauer the new
    President and CEO of Memjet Launch the Memjet printer ?

    DIEGO Memjet’s board of directors today named Len J. Lauer president
    and chief executive officer of Memjet.In the newly created role, Lauer
    will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s business
    and will serve on Memjet’s board of directors.

    Before joining
    Memjet, Len Lauer was executive vice president and chief operating
    officer of Qualcomm, Inc. Lauer joined Qualcomm in December 2006 with
    more than 20 years high-tech experience. Prior to Qualcomm, Lauer served
    as chief operating officer for Sprint Nextel. Prior to Sprint’s merger
    with Nextel, he was president and chief operating officer for Sprint,
    where he directed all of the company’s operations to deliver converged
    media and communication services. Lauer joined Sprint in 1998 and held
    several executive leadership positions including president of Sprint
    PCS. He also served as president of Sprint’s consumer services group,
    president of Sprint Business and president of the global markets group,
    where he directed product development, marketing and sales, network
    operations, technology planning and information technology.

    joining Sprint, Lauer was president and chief executive officer of Bell
    Atlantic-New Jersey. Lauer also spent more than 10 years with IBM,
    holding a variety of management positions in marketing and sales. He is
    currently on the board of directors of H&R Block.

    Silverbrook, inventor of the Memjet® technology, co-founder, chairman
    and chief technology officer of Memjet said: “This is a major milestone
    for Memjet. Len’s leadership and broad experience in global markets,
    operations, strategic planning, service delivery, sales and marketing
    will serve us well as we move into full-scale commercialization.”

    is clearly an opportune time to join Memjet,” said Lauer. “The company
    is on the threshold of commercializing its first generation of
    breakthrough printing components with a strong technology roadmap and
    funding to drive its future. I join an experienced leadership team and a
    company building robust business partnerships. I’m excited to lead
    Memjet into a new phase of commercialization and growth.”

    Martin, managing director of Argonaut Private Equity and a member of
    Memjet’s board of directors, said: “Len Lauer is a proven leader who
    brings a wealth of skills and experience to Memjet. Len has operated at
    the highest levels of the technology industry, with responsibility for
    multi-billion-dollar businesses. He understands the process of
    continuous innovation and how to build and run a global business at

    About Memjet
    Memjet provides industry partners
    breakthrough color printing technology. With more than 2,600 patents
    issued and another 2,000 pending, the Memjet® page printing technology
    delivers unparalleled improvements in color print speed with superior
    printing economics, leading to compelling new printing and imaging
    choices for a broad range of consumer and commercial printing markets.
    Printheads, controller chips, software, consumables and reference
    designs as well as business and technical expertise are available for
    home and office (www.memjethomeandoffice.com), labels
    (www.memjetlabels.com), photo retail (www.memjetphotoretail.com) and
    wide format (www.memjetwideformat.com) printing markets.

    Argonaut Private Equity
    Argonaut Private Equity is a diversified
    global private equity fund with more than $3.5 billion under management.
    Argonaut exercises wide discretion on investment size, stage, sector
    and geography. Its equity investments span such diverse markets as
    alternative energy, technology, financial services, media,
    telecommunications, medical devices, aviation, retail and healthcare.
    Argonaut’s portfolio includes investments in the United States, India,
    China, Israel, Japan, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands and Australia.
    Argonaut is one of the principal investors in Memjet.