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    will be able to recycle their used printer cartridges and refill their
    inks and toners thanks to a new franchise launched by a former golf
    professional which has captured that niche of the market. Chris
    Marshall, who was previously the assistant pro at the Mid-Ocean Club,
    and manager Jarryd Dillas held the grand opening of the Bermuda branch
    of Cartridge World yesterday, with the company’s global CEO flying in to
    mark the event.And now they are hoping to help firms save money and do
    their bit for the environment through the use of the new service which
    covers just about every model of printer from HP, Dell and Lexmark to
    Brother, Canon and Xerox and between 100 to 150 different types of ink,
    as well as carrying out rigorous retesting work on the 30 test printers
    in store.

    Mr. Marshall, who also has a background in retail and
    inventory management, was introduced to the concept of Cartridge World
    by his father, who came across it on his travels in the US a year ago,
    tried it for himself and was thoroughly impressed with the results.

    done his own research into the company, Mr. Marshall went up to Boston
    the following month to check out some of the stores and along with Mr.
    Dillas attended training courses at the firm’s North American
    headquarters in Emeryville, California, learning all about the products
    and ink and toner manufacturing.They found a premises opposite the TCD
    in the summer and agreed to lease the space from landlords D&J
    Construction, opening the store in November, prior to the official
    launch this week.

    About 80 percent of the store’s trade comes
    from small businesses, re/insurance companies, law firms, doctors
    surgeries and even schools, while the other 20 percent is retail from
    walk-in business, mainly built up through advertising, cold-calling and
    by word of mouth.”We have given out products for people to try and we
    stand fully behind our products as far as the quality is concerned,”
    said Mr. Marshall.”The four things that Cartridge World
    consistently offers across all its stores is quality,
    environmentally-friendly, cost savings for businesses and individuals
    and top customer service.”

    Mr. Dillas, who worked together with
    Mr. Marshall at the Mid-Ocean Club, said the real beauty of the business
    was being able to provide customers with an alternative to just buying a
    new printer cartridge, ink or toner when their existing one can be
    repaired, refilled or the parts replaced.

    Having graduated from
    the University of Rhode Island in May 2009, he was keen to get involved
    with a new business from the start at a ground level and play a his part
    of its development and expansion.”People are a little hesitant to use
    it initially, but there a lot of technology and research has gone into
    what the business does,” he said.”It is an interesting concept and it is
    the way people are going with technology, as well as being good to go
    green.”Customers can order or bring in their cartridges, inks or toners
    to be repaired or refilled and will receive a replacement if it is in
    stock, while the original part is serviced, so there is no waiting time
    involved. Typically inks can be refilled four to six times and toners
    eight to 10 times.

    Bermuda is the 62nd and latest country where
    Cartridge World has set up, with 1,800 stores worldwide, including 850
    in the US alone, and the store, which is the company’s sole distributor
    on the Island, employs three staff.The company, which started in
    Australia 20 years ago, also sends out regular product and market
    updates to its various branches and send out technicians into the field
    to make sure everything is kept up to standard.The store is open from
    Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to
    12 p.m.