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    NANDIPL – NOW MANUFACTURING CHEMICAL TONER FOR LASER PRINTERS AND COPIERS  IN INDIA NAVRAN ADVANCED NANOPRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD(NANDIPL) URL is is into development and commercialization of Nano-products based on Nanotechnology. NANDIPL is setting up a new plant in Dhamandri, District Una, Himachal Pradesh, for the manufacture of Chemical Toner, a nanotechnology product in India. The state of art plant will be the first plant of its kind in Asia to manufacture Polymerized or CHEMICAL Toner.
    NANDIPL is , head-quartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, is the subsidiary of Navran Advanced NanoProduct Development Inc. (NAND Inc., Illinois , USA) and  is dedicated to commercializing nano-products. In addition to taking the advantage of the advances in nanotechnology and nanoscience to develop nano-processes and nano-products. We apply our expertise and knowledge in scale-up and manufacturing to commercializing the processes and products in technical collaboration with Navran Advanced NanoProduct Development Inc. (NAND Inc., USA) . NANDIPL promoters are technocrats who led the R&D efforts  and  successfully developed the technology and products for Chemical colour  toners during a seven  year period 1997 -2003 for the major existing manufacturers of chemical toners.
    Our first product is the most advanced Chemical  Colour  Toners  which is being used for latest color printers and photocopiers. To establish low-cost position, we are building a commercial large export oriented unit with the  plant in India. We are also interested in forming partnership with existing large professional companies already selling after market components and toners for OEM laser printers and copiers.

    NAND Chemical colour toner  for HP 1215 family of colour laser printers  is our first fully developed product. The technology which we are using allows aggregation of thousands of nano-sized particles to produce toners for color printers and copiers. With the application of nano-technologies, we are able to control the size, its distribution and shape of the particles to achieve the best print results. The technology is fully tested in lab pilot plants already and we are sure of starting commercial production plants in Himachal Pradesh by MARCH APRIL 2010  to bring the first NAND chemical toners to market.

    Additionally we have almost completed development of  4-color sets (Cyan, Magenta,Yellow,Black) for a number of leading commercialized color chemical toners  for colour laser printers & copiers and also for monochrome printers and copiers including the most popular HP 2600, HP 5500, HP 4600 ,HP 4730 , HP 3600 family. All products have been designed to give similar performance to the OEM Chemical Toners.

    We also sell Envirox a Diesel additive which increases fuel efficiency and cuts green house gasses saving you approx 5 to 20% of the price of diesel every litre . For this Nanotech solutions , a division of NANDIPL,  is partnering with Oxonica, a leading nanotechnology research company based in Oxford, U.K. to market & distribute “ENVIROX”, a diesel fuel additive in INDIA. Oxonica has fully proven Envirox with several large trials in the transport and mining sectors in the last 5-6 years. Envirox has been commercialized in the last 3-4 years, with customers in the mining and transport industry leaders in UK, Europe, Russia and USA .

    ENVIROX: SAVES FUEL ,CLEANS ENGINES and LOWERS HARMFUL EMISSIONS and so “The less you burn, the more you earn”
    NANDIPL is also active in discussions with nanotechnology development companies in forming long-term partnership to apply our expertise in scale-up and manufacturing to bring various nano-products to market at low cost.

    Sanjeev Mahajan
    Vice President – Marketing and Exports
    Navran Advance Nanoproducts Development International Pvt. Ltd.
    10-B , Ground Floor , Park Centra , Sector 30 ,
    Gurgaon.  122001 . Haryana.

    New Delhi National Capital Region .India .
    Tel  + 91 124 420657 /58/59 extn 103
    Cell + 91 98112 99377
    Chemical Toner Manufacturing Plant
    Dhamandhri. 174303 , District Una , Himachal Pradesh.India.