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 user 2010-02-01 at 9:58:33 am Views: 74
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    Worldwide Printer and
    MFP Consumables Revenue Drops for the First Time Ever in 2009, According
    to Lyra Research

    printer and MFP revenue declined by 2 percent in 2009, but a recovery
    is expected in 2011, with enterprise color MFPs leading the way.

    MA (PRWEB) February 1, 2010 — A reduction in consumer and business
    capital expenditures due to the global economic recession is damaging
    printer and copier sales worldwide, according to a new forecast released
    by Lyra Research. An oversupply of printer hardware, cartridges, and
    media occurred in late 2008 and early 2009, and dealers responded by
    drastically cutting inventory levels. This has caused a
    disproportionately large decline in product shipments to the channel
    versus unit sales to end users, resulting in the first-ever decline in
    consumables revenue. Revenue declined by 2 percent from 2008 (see
    figure). (Note: It is important to clarify that Lyra’s Hard Copy
    Supplies Advisory Service forecast measures customer demand, which is
    most similar to channel sell-through metrics.)

    According to
    Andrew Lippman, Lyra senior analyst, there is some encouraging news on
    the horizon. “Print volumes for desktop ink jet printers are expected to
    begin growing rapidly in 2012 as the technology enters more and more
    small office environments,” says Lippman. This will result in a
    corresponding increase in consumables for ink jet printers.

    Kasuba, Lyra senior analyst, says, “All of the toner subsegments of the
    color MFP market are forecast to grow through 2013, with the largest
    revenue increase coming from the color workgroup MFP [A4-size color
    laser/LED MFPs] segment.”

    Lyra has just released its Hard Copy
    Supplies Advisory Service second-half 2009 forecast, which includes
    three years of historical data (2006–2008) and five years of forecast
    data (2009–2013). It is based on Lyra’s Forecast 360 methodology, which
    provides vendors with the most accurate data available. For more
    information on the newly released Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service
    forecast, please contact Tom Sandock at 617-454-2621 or

    About the Hard Copy Supplies Advisory
    Selling cartridges, ink, toner, and media to an
    ever-increasing number of end users demands a keen understanding of
    various user environments—corporate, commercial, small office/home
    office, and home—each of which requires different marketing, packaging,
    and distribution channels. Lyra Research’s Hard Copy Supplies Advisory
    Service (SAS), a high-level, online strategic and tactical planning
    resource, provides the advice that vendors need in order to thrive in
    this industry.

    Lyra Research: The Digital Imaging Authority
    Research collaborates with imaging industry decision makers worldwide,
    enabling clients to strengthen their market position and achieve
    profitable growth. Lyra’s expert analysts and editors help clients
    devise and implement creative solutions to business challenges,
    providing them with competitive intelligence, strategic and tactical
    advice, news and analysis, and market forecasts.

    Since 1991,
    Lyra’s custom research and consulting, advisory services, award-winning
    journals, and innovative events have set the standard for analysis of
    imaging hardware, consumables, and digital photography markets.
    Visit to learn more about how Lyra can be your strategic
    business partner.

    Irene Savage
    Marketing Manager
    Research, Inc.