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 user 2010-02-01 at 10:14:19 am Views: 85
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    Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
    (www.fujixerox.com) (Tokyo), a joint venture between Fuji Photo Film Co.
    (75%) and Xerox (25%) to develop, produce and sell products and
    services in the Asia-Pacific region, has announced a reorganization. The
    company has realigned and consolidated its development and
    manufacturing functions to form two new companies:

        * Fuji
    Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. will take on development functions.
    * Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will manage manufacturing

    The companies will start operations on April 1. Fuji
    Xerox is aiming for sustainable growth with the restructuring, which
    enables it to weather the aggravated conditions of today’s business
    environment, and also offer better cost competitiveness. At the same
    time it aims to accelerate growth in new business areas, such as
    services and solutions.

    With the establishment of this new
    company, the development organization that will stay within Fuji Xerox
    will focus on development of products, platform/marking technologies,
    and new technologies. Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology will undertake
    module development — image capture, paper feed, fax functions and
    finishing devices — as well as custom development to swiftly meet
    customer needs. This realignment will be accompanied by an addition of
    development human resources in the growth/focus areas, such as
    production products development and custom development, thereby
    enhancing technological and development capabilities and enabling a
    faster response to market trends.

    The production lines/plants in
    multiple sites both in Japan and overseas, as well as relevant
    back-office departments, will be consolidated to thoroughly streamline
    and maximize efficiency while also enhancing manufacturing engineering
    technologies including mold forming, as well as assembling technologies.

    Xerox Manufacturing will consolidate Fuji Xerox Takematsu Center, which
    manufactures ground toner and photoreceptors. It will also merge with
    Fuji Xerox Imaging Materials Co., Ltd., which manufactures Emulsion
    Aggregation (EA) toner, and consolidate the production functions of
    Suzuka Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., manufacturing key components such as
    electronic parts and optical apparatus, as well as Niigata Fuji Xerox
    Manufacturing Co., Ltd., manufacturing printers.

    In addition,
    Fuji Xerox will concentrate the production of ground toner and
    photoreceptors currently conducted at several sites both in Japan and
    overseas, at Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Takematsu Center. It will also
    shift all of the office printer production to China, to enhance cost
    competitiveness through optimized operational capacity and mass
    production. Other manufacturing requiring higher skills including
    production printers will be conducted at Fuji Xerox Manufacturing
    Niigata Center in order to enhance technological
    capabilities.Manufacturing-related back-office functions of the various
    companies will be gathered at Fuji Xerox Manufacturing to streamline
    business processes.