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 user 2010-03-22 at 10:51:33 am Views: 48
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    Staples Deutchland
    Staples Deutschland was officially established on 1 February
    2010, signalling the end of the Corporate Express name in GermanyMost OP
    industry observers would agree that Staples’ integration of Corporate
    Express in North America has been a success.Now the US giant’s efforts
    are gathering pace on the “old continent”, something which could be
    regarded as a bigger challenge than in North America given the number of
    individual markets, different cultures and the various businesses that
    Staples has acquired down the years.A key region, of course, is central
    Europe, which – in terms of Staples’ organisation at least -  includes
    Germany, Austria, Hungary and Poland, although the German market is by
    far the largest.

    Staples’ strategy in Germany – as it is globally
    – is based on a multi-channel approach which leverages the Staples
    brand name across its three main business segments – retail, catalogue
    and contract. So, as well as integrating the former Corporate Express
    business, the catalogue and mail order business – with the exception of
    Pressel – is also being phased into a single identity under the Staples
    Direct name.

    It is probably no coincidence that leading
    independent dealer and one of Staples Advantage’s main competitors in
    southern Germany, Kaut-Bullinger, has recently rebranded its operations
    under a single name, as well.

    The beginning of 2010 was a
    significant milestone in the Corporate Express integration in Germany as
    the Corporate Express name made way for a new business name, Staples
    Advantage, and the renaming of the local entity to Staples Deutschland
    GmbH & Co KG on 1 February to coincide with the new financial year.

    fit is a good one for Staples in Germany; Corporate Express was the
    leading B2B player in the large and mid markets in the country while
    Staples didn’t have a contract business to speak of, its presence mainly
    based on its 60 or so retail stores and its catalogue business.

    Staples found itself with three business units based in three
    locations: the German catalogue business was run out of the Belgian
    capital, Brussels, while retail was headquartered in Hamburg and
    Corporate Express’s German operations were based in Stuttgart.

    has occurred over the last 18 months is what could be described as a
    “soft” integration. The Staples Direct German catalogue unit has moved
    to Stuttgart alongside the newly named Staples Advantage, while support
    staff for retail have remained in Hamburg which is closer to where the
    main store base is concentrated.

    In terms of logistics, Corporate
    Express was already in the process of integrating its own German
    logistics operations at Waldlaubersheim in central Germany at the time
    of the acquisition.This has now been completed, consolidating three
    previous locations into one state-of-the-art facility which employs over
    150 staff and a capacity of approximately 25,000 packages per day.

    Advantage has a growing customer base in the mid-market and a solid
    position within the blue-chips in Germany – including around half of the
    companies that are listed on the DAX stock exchange.Former Corporate
    Express initiatives, such as an end-user roadshow, have been maintained.
    Rebranded as Staples Bürotreff, the roadshow visits four leading German
    markets in the autumn, with each one attended by around 250 key
    purchasers from large organisations.

    Similarly, existing Staples
    marketing messages have been incorporated into the former Corporate
    Express business. For example, Staples’ “Easy” theme has been adopted by
    Staples Advantage in Germany, after already being accepted in the
    retail sector and is being used as a link across all the channels.
    “Einfach Easy” – literally “Simply Easy” – is the local “That was easy”
    equivalent and the company has also adopted the EcoEasy name for its
    environmentally friendly product offering and initiatives.It surely has
    not been an easy task over the last 18 months to get Staples Germany to
    where it is today.Once again, it is a credit to Staples’ handling of the
    Corporate Express acquisition that it appears that way from the outside