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    IN 2009

    Hardcopy Peripherals Market Returned to Year-Over-Year Growth in Fourth
    Quarter, Ending Six Quarters of Decline, According to IDC

    FRAMINGHAM, Mass.-The worldwide hardcopy peripherals market
    grew 3.6% year over year with 34 million units shipped in the fourth
    quarter of 2009 (4Q09), according to the International Data Corporation
    (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker. Driven by the
    continued popularity of multifunction printers (MFPs), this represents
    the first year-over-year gain in the market since the second quarter of
    2008. Although shipment values declined 4.6% year over year to $14.3
    billion in 4Q09, this was the slowest rate of decline since 3Q08. “We
    believe the fourth quarter will be the start of the market recovery.
    While this is a positive sign, the market is expected to recover slowly
    throughout 2010,” said Phuong Hang, program manager, Worldwide Hardcopy
    Peripheral Trackers.

    In previous quarters, the key bright spot in
    the overall hardcopy peripherals market worldwide has been the color
    laser MFP market. This quarter, monochrome laser MFPs took that honor
    with 9.3% year-over-year growth, relegating the color laser MFP market
    to second-tier status among major market segments with 8.0% growth.
    Samsung led the way in the monochrome laser MFP market in terms of major
    vendor unit growth with 60.6% year-over-year growth. In terms of future
    growth rates, color laser MFP is expected to continue to be the leader,
    while monochrome laser MFPs will capture the majority of MFP laser

    Technology Highlights
        * The inkjet market
    continues to be the dominant technology segment with 23.8 million units
    shipped in 4Q09, a trend that is expected to continue into the future.
    The color inkjet MFP segment showed the third highest growth rate among
    all technology segments behind color laser MFPs with 6% year-over-year
    growth. The inkjet market segment also has the highest penetration of
    MFPs compared to all technology segments, with rates above 75%.
    The monochrome laser market
    remains the largest technology segment in
    terms of value at $5.8 billion and has the largest potential regarding
    MFP opportunity. This segment has the lowest rate of MFP penetration of
    all major non-impact segments.
        * The color laser market is close
    to surpassing the monochrome laser market in value of shipments and
    continues to outperform the overall hardcopy peripherals market.

    * United States
    – The U.S. market has remained in
    relatively good shape compared to other regions and continued to be the
    clear leader in terms of overall shipment value in 4Q09 ($4.4 billion).
    In terms of units shipped (7.8 million), the U.S. ranks number two,
    slightly behind Western Europe. The U.S. dropped to fourth place in
    terms of year-over-year shipment growth, following Asia/Pacific
    (excluding Japan), Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMA), and
    Latin America, and fifth best in terms of shipment value growth.

    Western Europe
    – In 4Q09, Western Europe emerged as the leader in unit
    shipments with 8.2 million units. In terms of value of shipments,
    Western Europe is second only to the U.S.

    * CEMA – In 4Q09, CEMA
    witnessed a major turnaround in terms of year-over-year unit growth.
    Following several quarters of double-digit declines, Central and Eastern
    Europe (CEE) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) experienced
    year-over-year growth rates of –2.4% and 20.1% respectively.

    Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan)
    – This region dropped to third position,
    behind Western Europe and the U.S., in terms of unit shipments with 7.2
    million units in 4Q09, yet maintained its fourth place rank in terms of
    shipment value with $2.1 billion. APeJ has the highest year-over-year
    growth rate of all regions in terms of shipment value with 18.1%.
    * Japan – Japan is the third largest market in terms of shipment value
    ($2.2 billion), behind only the U.S. and Western Europe, and is ranked
    fourth in terms of year-over-year shipment value growth rate (–2.7% in

    Vendor Highlights
    * HP
    – HP continues to be an
    irrefutable leader in the overall hardcopy market in 2009, despite
    losing nearly 3 points in market share to 40.8% from 43.5% in 2008. The
    fourth quarter was HP’s best performing quarter in 2009, with 5.6%
    year-over-year growth in unit shipments. The EMEA region was HP’s
    strongest in terms of unit growth in Q409, with 11% year-over-year
    growth, compared to 3% and 2% growth in the Americas and APeJ,
    respectively. In the worldwide MFP market, HP grew 12% and was able to
    pick up two points in market share compared to a year ago while
    maintaining its leadership position. Compared to a year ago, HP’s
    printer segment experienced market share declines in 4Q09 on a worldwide
    basis. The vendor’s worldwide printer share dropped one point to 39% as
    unit shipments declined 5% in 4Q09 compared to 4Q08. As held true for
    other vendors, HP’s MFP shipments faired better than those in the
    printer segment.

    * Canon – Despite the challenging economy, Canon
    finished 2009 strong, with 0.6% growth in the overall hardcopy market
    compared to 2008. As the number 2 vendor, Canon wasted no time in
    closing the gap between its position and HP’s by gaining more than 2
    points in market share, to 19.0% in 2009 from 16.6% in 2008. Among the
    top 5 vendors, Canon was the best performer in the Americas and APeJ in
    2009 and the only vendor to achieve positive year-over-year trends in
    these regions with 6% and 11% growth, respectively. During the last
    quarter of 2009, Canon recorded an 8% year-over-year gain in the overall
    hardcopy market, shipping 6.6 million units versus 6.1 million in 4Q08.
    Once again, the Americas (14%) and APeJ (21%) were Canon’s best
    performing regions in 4Q09 while EMEA suffered a decline of 8%. Between
    MFPs and Printers, Canon’s MFPs achieved the higher year-over-year
    growth – 16% compared to –2% – in the worldwide market in 4Q09.

    – Third place vendor Epson posted an increase of 1.1% in market
    share in 2009, from 13.8% in 2008. As with most vendors in the top 5,
    4Q09 was the only quarter in 2009 where Epson’s year-over-year growth,
    in terms of unit shipments in total hardcopy peripherals, resulted in a
    positive trend (8.4%). The APeJ region was the top performer in terms of
    year-over-year shipment growth at 16% in 4Q09, followed by the Americas
    (4%) and EMEA (3%). Epson maintained its number 3 position in both MFP
    and printer shipment share, as its worldwide MFP and printer shipments
    grew 8% and 10% respectively. In 4Q09, Epson was able to maintain its
    shipment share in MFPs and grow its shipment share in printers by one

     * Brother – Hanging on to its number 4 position, Brother
    experienced a double-digit decline (–11.7%) in unit shipments in 2009 to
    6.4 million from 7.3 million in 2008 in the overall hardcopy market.
    Despite suffering a setback, the vendor managed to maintain its global
    share of 5.7% in 2009. Compared to other top 4 vendors, Brother’s 2009
    year-over-year performance was average in APeJ (–1%) and the Americas
    (–10%), and was next to last in EMEA (–18%). Except for 1Q09, Brother
    continued its negative year-over-year trend throughout 2009, posting
    growth of –14.7% in 4Q09, making it the worst performer in the top 5 in
    the last quarter of 2009. In terms of regional growth, Brother recorded
    0% year-over-year growth in APeJ, –1% in the Americas, and –35% in EMEA
    in 4Q09.

    * Samsung –
    Making the top 5 list for the second
    consecutive quarter, Samsung has been relentless in its mission to grab
    more share in the hardcopy market. Given the difficult economic
    conditions, Samsung posted a 4.8% market share in 2009, gaining 0.5
    points from 2008. Compared to 2008, the vendor was the second best
    performer in 2009 in terms of year-over-year growth, with –2.2% growth
    compared to Canon’s +0.6%. While achieving the best year-over-year trend
    (+5%) in EMEA in 2009, Samsung’s results in APeJ (–6%) and the Americas
    (–15%) were below average when measured against other vendors in the
    top 5. Compared to the previous three quarters, 4Q09 was, by far,
    Samsung’s best performing quarter, with 31.3% year-over-year growth from
    4Q08, the best performance among the top 5 vendors. Although its
    year-over-year growth of 7% was second best in the Americas (after
    Canon’s +14%), Samsung outperformed the other top vendors in EMEA and
    APeJ in 4Q09, with year-over-year growth of 39% and 35%, respectively.

    Hardcopy Peripherals Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth, Fourth
    Quarter 2009   

    1. HP           14,099,668           41.4%         
     13,354,090           40.7%           5.6%     
    2. Canon         
     6,587,168           19.4%           6,092,446           18.6%         
    3. Epson           5,423,381           15.9%         
     5,003,158           15.2%           8.4%     
    4. Brother         
     1,721,953           5.1%           2,019,596           6.2%         
    5. Samsung           1,700,286           5.0%         
     1,295,012           3.9%           31.3%     
     4,484,969           13.2%              5,066,078           15.4%     
    Total           34,017,425          
    100.0%           32,830,380           100.0%           3.6%
    IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, February 2010

    Worldwide Hardcopy
    Peripherals Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth, 2009
    1. HP           45,634,426           40.8%         
     55,313,355           43.5%           -17.5%     
    2. Canon         
     21,207,049           19.0%           21,089,488           16.6%     
    3. Epson           16,651,573           14.9%         
     17,513,836           13.8%           -4.9%     
    4. Brother         
     6,422,734           5.7%           7,274,669           5.7%         
    5. Samsung           5,373,591           4.8%         
     5,495,913           4.3%           -2.2%     
     16,562,072           14.8%           20,418,013           16.1%     
    Total           111,851,445           100.0%     
         127,105,274           100.0%           -12.0%
    Source: IDC
    Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, February 2010
    U.S. Hardcopy Peripherals
    Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth, Fourth Quarter 2009

    1. HP   
           4,505,926           58.1%           4,470,017           56.8%   
    2. Canon           956,980           12.3%         
     859,699           10.9%           11.3%     
    3. Lexmark         
     568,127           7.3%           692,409           8.8%         
    4. Epson           464,113           6.0%         
     548,627           7.0%           -15.4%     
    5. Brother         
     373,800           4.8%           354,467           4.5%           5.5%
    Others           880,555           11.4%           940,479     
         12.0%           -6.4%     
    Total           7,749,501         
     100.0%           7,865,698           100.0%           -1.5%    
    IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, February 2010
    U.S. Hardcopy Peripherals Market Share and
    Year-Over-Year Growth, 2009

    1. HP           13,766,670
              52.8%           15,592,079           53.7%           -11.7%   
    2. Canon           3,492,942           13.4%           3,293,940
              11.4%           6.0%     
    3. Lexmark           2,144,541   
           8.2%           2,768,380           9.5%           -22.5%     
    Epson           1,931,532           7.4%           2,030,161         
     7.0%           -4.9%     
    5. Brother           1,421,105         
     5.4%           1,563,503           5.4%           -9.1%     
              3,337,818           12.8%           3,770,007           13.0%
    Total           26,094,608           100.0%     
         29,018,070           100.0%           -10.1%    
    Source: IDC
    Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, February 2010

        * Hardcopy Peripherals include
    single-function printers, printer-based multifunctional systems (MFPs),
    and single-function digital copiers (SF DC). Data for all vendors are
    reported for calendar periods.

    About IDC
    IDC is the
    premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and
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    technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and
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