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 user 2010-04-26 at 10:34:16 am Views: 62
  • #23844
    Given the still considerable price of consumables for inkjet
    printers and laser in Mexico, completed products, remanufactured,
    compatible, and of course fake, have been gaining ground.”Established or
    considered an act of piracy which are sold as original products are
    not. In Mexico there is counterfeit consumables, fortunately the index
    is very low, “said Gabriel Ocadiz, director of Sales and Marketing
    Solutions HP Laser Mexico.

    For his part, Francisco Javier Ochoa,
    director of Lexmark Supplies Mexico, said that this industry to be
    affected by filling, remanufactured, compatible and counterfeit
    consumables, has a 38% erosion. He said that this percentage between 2%
    and 3% is piracy inkjet cartridges and between 1% and 2% to toner.

    should be noted that the completed supplies or compatible, is not
    considered an act of piracy, while those businesses engaged in the sale
    as such. “The problem is that you say it is an original product and this
    is remanufactured, that’s considered piracy because there is fraud and
    deception. But if you say this you fill your cartridge is not illegal,
    and you know if you expose yourself to have poor quality, your printer
    breaks down, etc., “he said Gabriel Ocadiz, HP.

    The interviewees
    agree that the Federal District, Guadalajara and Monterrey, are the main
    regions where there is the greatest concentration of piracy by the
    large volume to be handled – although this depends on the installed base
    of each manufacturer.

    Later, Gabriel Ocadiz, HP, said the firm
    has a 01 800 so that the consumer report if you suspect that you have
    sold an original non-consumable, “is a number that do not intervene as
    HP, precisely because the legal issue is a company that is responsible
    for making the process and ultimately if something is chasing, being
    pursued. “

    By questioning respondents about the source of the
    counterfeit consumables, some mentioned that is very diverse as they
    find that suddenly come from Mexico, South America or Asia. In that
    sense, the industry calls the user to avoid pulling the consumable in
    the trash, otherwise you will be contributing to counterfeiting.

    have detected that you do not have the caution and throws away the
    cartridge and obviously there are people that well separated, the fill
    and sell them, said David Arias Sobrino, marketing coordinator of Canon
    Consumer Imaging Group of Mexico.

    Hence the importance of the
    consumer knows the different programs of collection supplies, depending
    on the brand of cartridge or toner. Among the manufacturers’ Web pages
    and you will find the mechanism on how to return the consumable, and the
    various collection centers that exist in all Mexico. This will also
    prevent counterfeiting also help protect the environment.
    Francisco Ochoa, Lexmark, which sells both piracy as the buying is
    committing a crime. Then the end user must be aware of this situation
    and not be privy to such actions.

    Later, the manager acknowledged
    that the consumer resort to such unfair practices because it is cheaper
    to buy the consumables, “before this we had to react seeking different
    strategies to bring the product effectively to a more competitive price
    or manage various promotions as 3 x 2, up to 20% discounts, among
    others. “”Fortunately the actions we took last year, we stop this
    problem. However, we continue, it is a time of crisis and we must be
    very aggressive on these issues, “he said.