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 user 2010-05-17 at 1:33:40 pm Views: 78
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    I admit it: I look for bargains. I’ve tried the generic brands in the supermarket. I once trusted a friend’s recommendation that retread tires were just as good as the original brand name tires that came with a new car. That budget buy resulted in a blowout in the middle of the Mohave Desert with near-disastrous results. And I’ve haven’t made a trade-off like that since. I learned the hard way that what may seem like a bargain is often no bargain at all — especially when it fails to deliver as promised. Or doesn’t last as long as the original. Or, frankly, it just isn’t as good. That’s aggravating, I know. We’ve heard from customers who thought they found a good deal with a cheap ink alternative, but who ended up disappointed. Instead of saving money, these folks have to spend more to replace the inks that caused smudges, leaks and failures. If you’ve had a blowout with bargain ink, HP wants you to know that you are not alone. There is a safe haven from smudges, leaks and failures. It’s called HP Ink Amnesty.
    Here’s the scoop:

        * Between April 23 and May 31, 2010, customers can share stories and photos of their bargain ink letdowns and why they switch back to HP at
        * In return, HP will grant swift Amnesty with a coupon for 20 percent off the purchase of Original HP Ink at the HP Home and Home Office Store online — with free shipping and next business day delivery included.

    Want to know more about why customers don’t have to choose between price and quality with Original HP Ink? Read  on:

        * Original HP Ink yields up to 65 percent more pages than bargain ink.

        * Studies have shown one in three bargain inks fail during use or right out of the box. Only Original HP Ink cartridges worked 100 percent of the time, every time, with zero failures.

        * HP gives users more for their money. The average HP printer owner only spends about $6 a month on ink. But the hidden costs of using cheap ink can add up quickly. Reprinting pages because of poor quality or unreliable performance is a waste of our customers’ time and money.

        * HP offers a variety of cartridges to help customers best match their printing volumes and their budgets, including Original HP Ink Cartridges that start as low as $9.99.

        * There’s no way on Earth your HP cartridge will end up in a landfill when you use HP’s free Cartridge Recycling Service through our Planet Partners program.3

    If you want to learn even more about the brilliance, permanence, and value of Original HP Ink, please visit or

    (TONERNEWS OPINION : this is a bunch of crap ,no one will go for this)