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 user 2010-10-19 at 8:42:19 am Views: 79
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    Introduces Traceability System as Measure against Counterfeiting of
    Printer Consumables- World’s First System Combining a PCAS Code and
    Lippmann Hologram Realizes Simple and High-Precision Assessment of
    Authenticity -

    OKI Data Corporation,
    an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business, today
    announced that it has introduced a “brand protection system,” realizing
    high-precision assessment of authenticity via cutting-edge technology,
    as a measure against counterfeit ink ribbons and toner cartridges. The
    system will first be introduced in Asia starting in November 2010, and
    will be subsequently introduced in other regions.

    The system is
    the world’s first to incorporate both assessment of authenticity as well
    as traceability. It uses a Product Control Authentication System (PCAS)
    from TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. and Lippmann hologram transfer printing
    technology from Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

    The consumable
    packaging is sealed with a label on which a PCAS number—an encrypted
    13-digit ID code intended to prevent counterfeiting—and a Lippmann
    hologram are printed. The Lippmann hologram, which is difficult to
    counterfeit, allows for simple assessment of authenticity with a single
    glance. Moreover, users can see instantly whether the PCAS number is a
    copy/forgery, or an official number unique to the product, simply by
    entering it on OKI Data’s authenticity assessment service web page.

    will be providing a simple authentication system to all end users where
    the label itself serves as both the seal and the counterfeit prevention
    measure,” says Harushige Sugimoto, President of OKI Data. “In addition,
    the code and location entered into the authenticity assessment service
    enables traceability, not only for counterfeit goods but also for
    authentic items, allowing users to gain a better understanding of their
    consumables usage. OKI expects to see higher rates of recycling for used
    cartridges due to the introduction of this system.”

    1. Product Control Authentication System (PCAS)
    online system offering a variety of functions including product
    validation and traceability throughout the supply chain, with a randomly
    generated 13-digit alphanumeric code at its core. This system enforces
    secure control of products by issuing reports.

    2. Lippmann
    hologram: The surface of a film is coated with a special polymer layer,
    in which changes in the refractive index produce interference patterns.
    When light is projected onto these interference patterns, holographic
    images are reproduced via the diffraction phenomenon. Lippmann holograms
    offer a superior full-parallax three-dimensional effect in both
    horizontal and vertical directions with a realistic sense of depth,
    making it possible to create close renditions of real-life objects.
    Lippmann holograms use special materials and manufacturing processes,
    making them extremely difficult to counterfeit. Lippmann holograms have
    developed a global reputation for security performance due in part to
    their ability to accurately render specific design attributes, as they
    enable designs incorporating a realistic sense of depth and
    full-parallax effect.