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 user 2010-11-10 at 7:31:24 am Views: 135
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    Tonnex launch new website with Cartridge Finder option:
    TOTTENHAM, VIC – November 2010 – This November marks 12 years in business for Tonnex International and to celebrate their birthday they have re-designed and re-launched their website with new and improved features.

    Tonnex National Marketing Manager, James Rendell commenting that it has been almost 4 years since their last re-design and it was time to give the website a face-lift and make some key changes. “When we created the old website which we launched back in 2006 the marketplace was inherently different, technology itself was inherently different and as a result the website reflected this. As we now have some really good history of statistics and feedback on the old site we have been much better prepared to develop a new website with the knowledge of what features to focus on, what to remove and what to add”.

    A key new addition has been Tonnex’s Cartridge Finder. “We spend a lot of time assisting customers with queries about which machines require which cartridges and although we provide product compatibility charts as part of our price list, we felt that developing an on-line search function that allows the user to select their printer model and then have the search function display the consumables that fit with that printer is a much better solution, so that’s what we built”. Rendell adds that Cartridge Finder has been designed with a number of search functions in mind, where users can narrow their search by Manufacturer or by Printer Type as well as searching by Keyword. “From research we had undertaken, we established that the most common instance that requires a Reseller to conduct printer compatibility searches is when an end user enquires about needing new cartridges but not knowing the exact consumable part numbers. We have built the search function with this situation in mind and feel that its intuitive design will be very useful for Resellers” said Rendell.

    The search function contains a drop down box for Manufacturer and Printer Type with each drop down selection narrowing the resultant drop down list of available Printer Models. The user then selects their desired Printer Model and the search function will display the consumables that are applicable to that Printer.

    Rendell believes that Cartridge Finder will be a key time saver for Resellers and along with the re-design and re-development of the website a as a whole, he is confident it will better allow new and existing customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

    To visit Tonnex’s new website, visit
    Media contact:
    James Rendell                                 
    Phone: +61 3 9315 5333