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 user 2010-12-27 at 9:27:50 am Views: 54
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    IDC Points To Recovering Printer Market
    has increased its leading position in a printer market which is
    returning to pre-downturn shipping levelsNew research has found that the
    worldwide hard copy peripherals market has returned to pre-downturn
    shipment levels, with nearly 31 million units shipped in the third
    quarter of 2010.This is according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly
    Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker.

    This is the second consecutive
    quarter of double-digit year-over-year growth in both units shipped and
    shipment value. Total market shipments in the third quarter improved 13
    percent over the third quarter of 2009, while shipment value increased
    17 percent year over year to $14.3 billion (£9.1 billion).
    MFP Printer Segment

    to the second quarter of 2010, the third quarter saw higher
    year-over-year growth for monochrome laser multifunction printers (MFPs)
    than colour laser MFPs – 38 percent versus 21 percent, respectively. It
    was also the second consecutive quarter where monochrome laser printers
    (35 percent year-over-year growth) outperformed colour laser MFPs by
    more than 5 percent. The report noted HP has recovered from the laser
    shortage issue and ramped up shipments to more than 3.5 million laser
    units, resulting in double-digit year-over-year growth across all

    “The worldwide hard copy peripherals market looks
    positive toward the end of 2010. Early indications show that the market
    is rebounding after the decline seen in 2009 and 2008 as some degree of
    consumer confidence returns and businesses are now looking to invest in
    their printing and imaging,” said Phuong Hang, program manager for IDC’s
    Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker.

    Inkjet Domination
    devices continue to lead in the overall hard copy peripherals market
    with close to 20 million units shipped, exhibiting a 6 percent
    year-over-year growth. The laser market grew 32 percent year-over-year
    to more than 9.5 million units in the third quarter.

    HP and
    Samsung remain the top two vendors in this space, with a combined share
    of more than 50 percent. Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) maintains its
    spot as the number one region for laser shipments with more than 3
    million units.

    HP strengthened its leading position in the
    overall hard copy peripherals market with 13.4 million units shipped,
    resulting in 44 percent share in the third quarter. The company saw 21
    percent year-over-year growth globally and double-digit growth across
    all regions, except for North America. The vendor gained two points to
    50 points share in the inkjet market and increased five points to 36
    percent share in the laser segment from a year ago.

    Canon comes
    in at a distant second to HP in the overall market with close to 5.4
    million units shipped and 17 percent market share. The vendor posted 6
    percent year-over-year growth due to strong performance in the laser
    segment (33 percent year-over-year growth) and a weaker performance in
    the inkjet segment (1 percent year-over-year growth). Epson maintains
    its third position in the worldwide hard copy peripherals market with 14
    percent share.

    Laser Performance
    Monochrome laser printers
    increased 35 percent year-over-year to more than 8 million units in the
    third quarter, resulting in 84 percent share of the total laser space.
    This quarter witnessed significant year-over-year growth for both
    printers and MFPs, 35 percent and 38 percent, respectively. While
    posting 18 percent year-over-year growth, color laser printers finished
    the quarter with 16 percent market share in the total laser space,
    losing less than one point from the second quarter. Inching closer to
    printer share, MFP devices represent 46 percent of the colour laser

    With more than 6.8 million units, the United States
    represents the second largest region in the overall hard copy
    peripherals market, based on shipments. Unlike the double-digit growth
    experienced in the second quarter, the third quarter saw a modest
    year-over-year gain of 3 percent. The positive figure for the region was
    driven by the stronger year-over-year growth in laser technology, 15
    percent versus 1 percent for inkjet.