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 user 2011-01-19 at 7:53:39 am Views: 128
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    January 2011Las Vegas – Memjet today announced that Lenovo will
    introduce the world’s fastest color office printing technology in China
    under a partnership with Memjet. The Memjet technology is twice the
    speed of the nearest competing color printer in its class and represents
    the most significant printing industry advancement in 25
    years.“Printing is an important strategic area of growth for Lenovo, and
    the partnership with Memjet will provide us superior color printing
    technologies to serve our customers and more aggressively compete for
    new business,” said Chen Xudong, vice president and GM of Lenovo China
    Region. “With our focus on innovative products that deliver complete
    printer hardware and supplies solutions to Chinese consumers and our
    incorporation of Memjet color printing technologies, we believe Lenovo
    can become the number-one provider of office printer solutions in China
    within the next few years.”Lenovo, which is best known for its ThinkPad,
    the popular notebook PC, has been the largest PC maker in China since
    1997, and also has quickly established a 18.3 percent market share for
    the China laser printer market*.“Lenovo’s strong product portfolio,
    established record of success and incredible global brand, combined with
    our revolutionary color printing technologies, can completely transform
    the office printing market in China,” said Len Lauer, president and CEO
    for Memjet.

    Memjet’s High-Speed, Color Printing Technology
    by more than 3,000 global patents, Memjet represents an entirely new
    category of technology that makes possible high-quality color printing
    at never-before seen speeds. Besides lightning-speeds and high-quality
    output, Memjet-powered printers, on average, are half the total cost of
    ownership versus other color office printers.

    Until now, printing
    technology has been limited to laser and traditional inkjet systems.
    Memjet technologies are poised in 2011 to disrupt both in the office
    market. Current competing office laser printers can provide 60 pages per
    minute but not in color, and competing inkjet office printers can
    provide color but only at 30 pages per minuteMemjet-powered office
    printers can provide both color and speed: 1600×800 dpi resolution at 60
    pages per minute.

    Memjet is able to do this by putting more than
    70,000 ink nozzles on a single printhead—17 times that of traditional
    printheads. Memjet’s printhead is 8.77 inches (222.8mm) and spans the
    width of a page. This design allows Memjet-powered printers to deliver
    more than 700 million drops of ink per second on a page.In combination
    with other partner announcements by Memjet at CES, Lenovo’s adoption of
    Memjet technology signals the beginning of the first market shift in
    decades for the office printer market. Memjet technologies are poised to
    change existing models of how color printers and ink are developed,
    marketed and sold to customers.

    As an “ingredient brand,” Memjet
    supplies manufacturing partners across the printing industry the same
    way leading-edge chip makers supply manufacturing partners across the
    cellphone, smartphone and personal computing industries. Memjet
    technology has already been incorporated into commercially available
    labels, packaging and addressing products that were announced recently
    at Pack Expo in Chicago.  Memjet this year will be announcing major
    manufacturing partners in photo retail and wide format markets, as well
    as others for its initial markets of labels and packaging, and home and