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 user 2011-02-16 at 11:34:24 am Views: 61
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    TonerGreen is now an AASHE Associate Member
    TonerGreen.com, the e-commerce printer supply store that offers eco-friendly, U.S.-made and non-patent infringing ink and laser toner cartridges, has joined the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education or AASHE, as an associate member. TonerGreen’s membership in the organization further demonstrates its commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions to college campuses across the United States.

    AASHE is the association of colleges and universities whose goal is to be socially responsible and to promote a positive transformation in the economy and environment through green education. It was launched in 2001 under the name Education for Sustainability Western Network or EFS West, and supported the sustainability efforts of college campuses in the western United States and Canada. They re-launched in January 2006 as the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education or AASHE to fully transition from a regional organization, to one that supports campuses across North America.

    TonerGreen has decided to take part in AASHE’s mission of helping colleges across the United States meet their sustainability goals and initiatives. The printer supply store’s membership in the organization will allow them to continue to take part in promoting environmental responsibility through cartridge recycling. This is one of the many advocacies by this eco-friendly printer supply store in their efforts to inform people on how they could reuse, reduce, and recycle used printer cartridges to help save the environment.

    Aside from being a member of the AASHE, TonerGreen.com has also been recognized by Green America through its Green Business Network, which ensures consumers of the store’s commitment in providing eco-friendly services. This supplier of remanufactured printer cartridges also donates a portion of every cartridge sold to EarthShare as a way of supporting the organization’s environmental campaigns.

    Every shopper at TonerGreen can be truly assured that they are provided with high quality printer supplies and a chance to help the environment in a great way. In accordance with their founders’ vision, TonerGreen will continue to strengthen its mission of providing the best eco-friendly solutions and its service of offering ways to promote green living to all.

    About TonerGreen.com
    TonerGreen is founded in April 2009 under the name TonerforEarth.com. Propelled by the founders’ vision to provide a variety of value-added eco-friendly products under one location, the internet store TonerGreen is created. TonerGreen.com is envisioned to be a major source of specialty products that contribute to energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Presently, TonerGreen’s primary product line includes U.S.-made premium remanufactured inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges. We pride in the super performance of our products compared to the average compatible or remanufactured ink and toner found on the internet.