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METROFUSER : Printer Service Solutions

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    Flash-It™ Nominated Best New Product Vote Today
    Common P3005 Print Issues
    HP Launching ePrint Services App for Droid
    How To Get the Most of of Technical Support.
    HP 2400 Series Printer Noises and the Solution 
    Upcoming Printer Repair Training in NJ and CA

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    Nominated Best New Product
    Saves you thousands by extending 4700, 4730, 4005 transfer belts.
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    11×17 Color Printing
    HP Color LaserJet 5550hdn Printer Q3717A
    Call 888-387-3771



    Common P3005 Print Issues

    The HP Laserjet P3005 printer models offer high speed printing, up to 35ppm on letter sized paper. This P3005 model’s also use Hewlett Packard’s FastRes 1200 technology, enabling the printer to produce 1200 dpi quality output. This feature can be turned off as well, increasing print speeds and reducing toner usage. More Details

    HP Launching ePrint Services App for Droid

    Starting May 1st  Android users will be able to print wirelessly from their handset or tablet to any HP printer running their Internet-printing service. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the user chooses what it is that they wish to print. After selecting the printer they choose to use, the app displays a code which is then entered into said printer. The HP ePrint app has seen more than 200,000 downloads since it first launched with BlackBerry in 2010 so we expect to see a large adoption for Android as well.   Should you not have an Android or BlackBerry device, you’ll be happy to learn that HP estimates that their ePrint software will support roughly 90% of smart phone operating systems in North America, including webOS and iOS versions .Full Story

    HP 5500 Printer Dirty Prints Noisy Toners
    You might have experienced leaking toner cartridges in the HP 5500 color laser printer. Streaks of toner on the front and backs of printed pages and or noisy cartridges when printing. Toner on the ETB (electrostatic transfer belt). Any of these problems could occur independently of each other or simultaneously. Replacing the cartridge in question will fix the problem, but most likely only temporarily… Full Story

    How To Get the Most of of Technical Support. Providing technical support can be a challenging task. People calling or emailing looking for possible solutions to problems or interpreting what error codes actually mean and then provide with the best possible solution or even the correct part to fix the problem at hand. A host of issues can arise. Techs who have never seen or worked on the particular printer that they are going to work on. Calling in for support after they have worked on the printer and left, and its still failing. Calling before going to site to try and get some information or help beforehand on possible causes and solutions would make more sense. A pre-emptive strike if you will…..Full Story

    HP 2400 Series Printer Noises and the Solution 
    The HP Laserjet 2400 series model line is a mid-range printer. Depending on the model the print speeds range from 25 ppm for the 2410, 30 ppm for the 2420 and 35 ppm for the 2430 on letter sized paper. Each model has Hewlett Packard’s FastRes 1200 technology, capable of producing 1200 dpi print quality. Overall the 2400 series is a quick printer for its size. Full Story

    Printer Repair Training in NJ and CA
    June 20-24 Roselle, NJ
    Minutes from NYC
    Jun 20 Color Laser theory and troubleshooting
    Jun 21 HP 4600/4650/5500 Printer
    Jun 22 HP 4200/4300/4250/4350 Printer
    Jun 23 HP 9000/9050 Printer
    Jun 24 HP 4014/4015 Printer
    July 11-15 Santa Ana, CA
    Minutes from Disneyland
    Mon Color Laser theory and troubleshooting
    Tues HP 4600/4650/5500 Printer
    Wed HP 4200/4300/4250/4350 Printer
    Thur HP 9000/9050 Printer
    Fri  HP 4014/4015 Printer
    Brochure 305k .pdf
    BTA members receive
    10% Off
    Anytime Training
    Ask about our onsite training at your location or ours!