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 user 2003-12-30 at 9:26:00 am Views: 103
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    Xerox Offers Seven Office Shape-Up Tips for 2004

    ROCHESTER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–12/22/2003–Small changes in your office can translate into big gains in personal and office productivity – as well as make jobs easier and promote better business results, according to workplace experts at Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX). Here are seven things you can do in the new year to help shape up your office.

    1. Secure your information. Check your virus protection software to make sure you have installed the latest version. Talk to experts about security solutions that allow you to restrict access and protect confidential data on your digital copiers, printers and multifunction devices. Consider storing critical files off-site in a repository, allowing immediate access from multiple locations in the event of a disaster.

    2. Be colorful. If you aren’t using color, it’s time to start. In a recent survey by Xerox and International Communications Research, more than 90 percent of small businesses agreed that color in their office documents and marketing materials helped them attract new customers, present an image of impressive quality to their customers, and make a memorable impression. That same survey found the most popular color for small business logos is blue.

    3. Start the year with a clean desk. Clean off the clutter and recycle or throw away anything you haven’t needed in the past month. Convert paper piles to digital files. Here’s how: Use multifunction devices – which copy, print, scan and fax – to scan miscellaneous clippings, presentations and memos to electronic files or e-mail.

    4. Control your costs. The dollars spent on document handling can be an invisible drain on your profitability. In fact, most offices have acquired a hodgepodge of equipment that they aren’t using efficiently, and they still depend on outdated office processes built around manual operations. Sound familiar? Ask an expert to evaluate your current technology and make recommendations based on employee use, equipment downtime and document output – ensuring return on investment for any new purchases you may make.

    5. Jettison inkjet. How much are those inkjet printers really costing you? Look at alternatives such as solid ink and laser printers, which are more cost-effective in the long run. Consider replacing standalone equipment with laser multifunction devices which save space and increase productivity.

    6. Clear out the cobWebs. Look critically at your Web site. Is information current? Is it easy to navigate? Can customers and employees find the information they need? Is it easy to print information for reference?

    7. Think green. Being environmentally friendly is financially smart, too. In addition to turning off lights and powering down your PC, take advantage of energy-saving features on your office products such as two-sided printing and power-saver modes.

    Xerox Corporation has supplied offices with the most effective products and services for saving and sharing information since it invented the first plain-paper copier more than 40 years ago.