WHAT IS ……XeroxInternetSurveillance@xerox.com ???

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WHAT IS ……XeroxInternetSurveillance@xerox.com ???

 user 2011-06-21 at 10:35:33 am Views: 54
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    WHAT IS ……XeroxInternetSurveillance@xerox.com ?
    Your site at  has been reported to us as a potentially infringing site as it contains the "XEROX" trademark. Please be advised that the "XEROX" trademark is intellectual property owned exclusively by Xerox Corporation and should not be used without written permission. Only Xerox Corporation is allowed to own domain names comprised of and/or containing its valuable trademarks.

    To resolve this matter amicably, Xerox Corporation requests that: (i) you and/or your company immediately cease from any unauthorized use of Xerox Corporation trademarks, including XEROX; and (ii) take down all content on the site so that it resolves to a blank page or an error page.

    We trust that you understand our concerns. Please provide us with the requested assurances as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you do not wish to resolve this matter in the manner suggested, and take further action to protect the intellectual property rights of Xerox Corporation.

    We hope we can resolve this matter, and look forward to receiving your written assurances shortly.

    By this e-mail note also be informed that Xerox Corporation does not waive any rights or remedies that it may have against you in the event that your actions exceed those discussed herein.
    Seana L. Watts
    Senior IP Counsel
    Xerox Corporation
    45 Glover Avenue
    Norwalk, CT 06856
    Connecticut Authorized House Counsel